California City Bans New Gas Stations and Also Says No More Pumps


by Mish Shedlock, The Street:

The Petaluma, California, City Council unanimously moved to ban new gas stations, and existing stations will not be allowed to add any new gas pumps.
No More Pumps

Electrek discusses Petaluma’s Ban on New Gas Stations.

Existing gas stations aren’t being shut down in Petaluma. It’s just that no new ones will be built, because there are enough – one within a five-minute drive of every residential area in the city, in fact, as the Santa Rosa Press Democrat writes. The plan is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, and Petaluma’s City Council, with a population of around 60,000, feels its 16 existing gas stations is enough.


Electrek’s Take

Petaluma is the first seed planted, and many will follow and sprout, first in California, and then in other US states like Washington. For example, the Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations (CONGAS) is working to ban gas stations in Sonoma County, California, and its nine cities.

Just as the world is moving away from coal and other fossil fuels and toward green energy, so too will towns and cities follow in Petaluma’s footsteps by deciding they have enough gas stations as EV numbers rise and ICE cars fall. The number of charging stations will multiply, and the number of gas stations will shrink.

Enough is Enough

If 16 gas stations are indeed “enough”, then few if any new gas stations would be built anyway.

But who should decide how many is enough?

The free market would regulate “enough” quite easily. City councils are clueless.

Amusing Comments 

Peruse through the comments to Electrek’s article. There are some real gems.

Alpha Gardner: “A good step in the right direction. Please also ban existing gas stations – burning of gasoline and Diesel fuel on public streets.”

The reply by KeepRunningYourMouth is interesting: “Just cut to the chase, attack the real problem and ban making any new people. Once human population gets back below 2 billion, we should be good to go.”

Carbon Crisis?

Let’s say we accept that manmade CO2 is a problem and the scientists are 100% correct. Let’s further assume that none of the lies and data manipulations by various scientists never happened.

What’s left are proposals from Al Gore, AOC and others cost $50 trillion to $90 trillion.

50 Years of Dire Predictions

In case you missed it Let’s Review 50 Years of Dire Climate Forecasts and What Actually Happened.

Here’s point #21 of dire forecasts made in 2014. “We have 500 days to Avoid Climate Chaos” said then Sec of State John Kerry and Biden’s current climate czar.

Scientifically speaking, I have a question: Have 500 days passed?

All of these hype stories are actual lies to get the politically correct agenda going now.

Key Questions

  1. How much money are we willing to spend to reduce our 14.5% and falling percentage of carbon emissions?
  2. What would it cost to cut that by half in 10 years?
  3. Assuming we could cut that in half in 10 years, what would it do to total carbon output?
  4. By what force do we get China, India, and all the developing economies in the Mideast and Africa to reduce their carbon output?
  5. Assuming we achieve number 4 peacefully by some sort of economic buyout like cap-and-trade what is the cost to the US?
  6. What about inflation?
  7. Sure, China is producing goods for the US and EU but do we want that to stop? When? Why? How? Cost?
  8. Does not China, India, Africa, etc., have the right to improve their standards of living?
  9. What do the above points imply about the US standard of living?
  10. How the hell do we pay for this?

Accepting Science

This is not a matter of “accepting science” as the climate fearmongers say.

It’s a matter of coming up with a reasonable plan to do something sensible about it, knowing full well the oceans are going to keep rising for the next 100 years anyway!

GM to Phase Out Gas-Powered Vehicles by 2035, Carbon Neutral by 2040

On January 28, I noted GM to Phase Out Gas-Powered Vehicles by 2035, Carbon Neutral by 2040

But that does not appease the climate morons who want to ban existing gas stations now and of course natural gas which produces the energy to power the electric vehicles.

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