Barack Obama Has Now Been President Longer than FDR


by Ayad Rahim, American Thinker:

On March 3, 2021, Barack Obama passed Franklin Roosevelt for the longest presidential tenure in American history.

What’s that you say? — president, for longer than FDR? But FDR was elected president four times; Obama was elected president two times.

Yes, all of that is true. That’s why this record has an asterisk next to it.

For anyone with eyes to see, the current presidency is being run by Barack Obama.


Even before this presidency began, its roots were laid in Obama’s home in Washington. Over the past couple of years, Obama-House was the royal court for receiving, selecting, and anointing the party’s standard-bearer for 2020. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris were Obama’s favored candidates, and Obama-House functioned as the campaign war-room. But Harris gained no traction, and dropped out of the race on December 3, 2019, exactly two months before the Iowa caucuses.

That left Warren — to face off against Bernie Sanders in the left-wing bracket of the sweepstakes. The party had already determined, four years earlier, that Sanders was unsuitable as its standard-bearer because he wielded an abrasive, in-your-face style of Marxism. Obama himself expressed such sentiments more than once. So, the party scuppered his campaign in 2016. But in 2020, Sanders was bettering Warren in the early primaries.

So, the Obama camp had to go to plan B — find somebody who was “presentable” to the public.

In the first two contests of the nominating process, Joe Biden fared very badly — maybe even worse than Harris would have done had she stayed in. He finished a distant fourth in Iowa and a much-weaker fifth in New Hampshire. He was bumbling along on stage and on the hustings and going nowhere fast. And Obama didn’t even like Biden, but Biden would have to do — there weren’t really many other options on hand.

So, all the other candidates immediately dropped out; the Black vote in South Carolina and across the South was delivered to Biden; and he was anointed the nominee.

We know the rest of the story — Biden was banished to the basement; the media carried the water for him and continued demonizing Trump; Big Swamp exploited and manipulated a virus; and Big Cities stopped counting the votes late on election night, to figure out how many “votes” they needed to get their man over the finish line.

Which leads us to the inauguration of Joe Biden as president. On his first day in the White House, Biden expelled the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, as Obama had done on his first day in office (because Churchill was an imperialist and led the suppression of the Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya, during which, Obama said, his grandfather was tortured; Trump brought the Churchill bust back on his first day in office).

Then there are Biden’s appointments — they say that personnel is policy. Well, the old Obama gang is back, and at the center of the action is Susan Rice. A foreign-policy specialist (ambassador to the United Nations and then-National Security Adviser under Obama), Rice was one of Biden’s first appointments — as director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. That’s her official title, but her actual job is to be Obama’s “messenger boy” in the White House and to cover any remaining tracks to past criminal activities.

Heading the White House press room is Jen Psaki; she was Obama’s communications director. Anthony Blinken moves up a notch: from being Obama’s deputy secretary of state to the top job at Foggy Bottom. Obama’s chairman of the federal reserve, Janet Yellen, is now secretary of the Treasury.

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