America is a Nation of Weak Men


from GenZ Conservative:

Weak men and the Collapse of Society

Americans used to pride themselves on their masculinity and masculine impulses. The famous photo of the sailor kissing a girl in New York after victory was announced, Emanuel Leutze’s painting of a masculine, proud, and erect George Washington bravely crossing the Deleware, and tales of rugged individualist cowboys fighting off bandits and merciless Apaches and Comanches used to define our culture.

Up until quite recently, when we became a nation of weak men, we lionized the brave, austere men of the past that created the prosperous present.

Clint Eastwood inspired many a red-blooded American male with his portrayal of Josey Wales.


We looked back on Romans like Cato, Aeneas, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, and Marcus Aurelius as some of the best men to have existed, honoring them for their contributions to civilization and attempting to emulate them in the present.

Fictional and non-fictional noble Greeks like Alcibiades, Odysseus, and Leonidas inspired us.

The brave men of the 101st Airborne at Bastogne, fighting off many a Wehrmacht and SS division were praised and honored for their manly virtue, as were the Texans at the Alamo or the gang of Jesse James’s continued war against the bluecoats.

We looked at the titans of the past and used their stories to inspire us, becoming a nation of strong, masculine, independent men rather than of meek and pitiful slaves of the state.

Then, thanks to the rise of the New Left, things changed. Great men like MacArthur and Patton are out and the soy boys of Antifa are in. That’s both because the left cancelled our heroes and because the feminist movement led to the feminization of society. Titans of history and masculinity itself were trashed by people with less than noble motive and the result has been the destruction of our society. A nation needs strong, not weak, men to function. America, and the West generally, has far too many of the latter and far too few of the former thanks to what the left and feminists did starting in the 60s.

Masculinity was kicked out of the workplace. The world of Mad Men was out and the world we know, one of cancel culture and vague Title IX complaints, came into being.

Boys have been told not to fight out their differences on the playground and instead “talk it out” instead.

The Wild West is now remembered as a time of maltreatment of Native Americans rather than when a few brave, hardy men conquered nature and banditos, turning a wilderness into a vast swathe of prospering towns.

Sex is encouraged, but in a libertine, sniveling sort of way, not in the flirtatious, masculine way of the past. Flings and relationships much more resemble the carefree world of Huxley’s Brave New World than the lives of Don Draper or Roger Sterling in Mad Men.

The heroes of the glorious past are gone. Men like Churchill, Davy Crockett, Robert E. LeeGeorge Washington, the Duke of Wellington, Scipio Africanus, and the 300 Spartans of Thermopylae are being struck from our memory. Replacing them, we have people like Cardi B, Barack Obama, “the notorious RBG,” rappers that lead disgusting lives, and celebrities with nary a real accomplishment or moral code.

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And what has that created? A nation of weak men that shy away from pride, accomplishment, and responsibility.

In some communities, as is discussed in Coming Apart, over half of children are born to single mothers, not because of war or plague but because of drug addiction, sexual proclivity, and men who refuse to take responsibility. In others, the rate of single motherhood is even higher, approaching ~77% for blacks nationwide.

On that note, drug addiction has skyrocketed as men sit and get stoned while playing video games or pop opioids in Appalachia rather than bettering themselves and building careers.

Meanwhile, many men are weak twigs or obese blobs that don’t exercise, don’t eat real food, and lead unhealthy lives of sitting around. They’re not exploring the great outdoors, hunting, or fishing. They’re not engaging in athletic competition, fighting in an honorable manner, or strengthening their bodies as men have since ancient times. They lead unhealthy, unnatural lifestyles. Lifestyles that keep them weak.

And societal ills are stemming from that.

Our nation is so obese that a huge percentage of military-age men couldn’t even make it through the initial screening part of military service. Americans are too fat to fight.

Gangbangers kill each other and many innocent civilians in drive-by shootings, fighting like cowardly savages rather than virtuous men.

Kids raised in broken homes caused by absent fathers don’t know how to behave, so crime is increasing and educational outcomes are declining.

Thanks to both the constant attention lavished on sex by the entertainment media and draconian Title IX rules, not to mention the rapid proliferation of online pornography, the genders no longer interact in the healthy, flirtatious, and honorable manner that they did for centuries. Instead, there is casual sex and all too commonly, rape.

Plus, thanks to our focus on the virtual world rather than the real world, young men and women are increasingly depressed and despondent. Psychoactive drugs have proliferated and so have the attendant consequences, namely mass shootings. Guns aren’t the problem; psychoactive drugs, absent fathers, and disappearing morals are.

Then there’s the military, which has ditched the masculine titans of its history like Patton and Curtis LeMay and has replaced them with SJW nonsense and pregnant women in maternity flight suits. Forgetting the absurdity of everything about that, a nation that needs women to defend it, especially pregnant women, is not a country of strong men.

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