Gary Z McGee, The Waking Times:

1.) Statism is Soft Slavery:

“There’s no polite way to suggest to someone that they have devoted their life to a folly.” ~Daniel Dennett

We live in an oligarchic plutocracy disguised as a democratic republic. Because a massive amount of wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, we’re unable to maintain a healthy horizontal democracy. Instead we’re forced to deal with the snake of unhealthy vertical democracy which has the diabolical snakehead of plutocracy.

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If we lived within a horizontal democracy, we would have a better chance at being free. No masters, no rulers, and no chance for power to become concentrated in the hands of a few. As Edward Abbey said, “Since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.” Easier said than done, sure, but nothing worth doing was ever easy.

As it stands, it is impossible to live freely within an oligarchic plutocracy. The plutocrats will simply continue buying up power by creating oppressive laws and “legal” extortion rackets that keep the people without wealth and power in a permanent state of poverty and powerlessness. Add to that the use of lobbyists and a fiat currency based on debt, and you have a nation of hoodwinked debt slaves (soft slavery) under the delusion that they live in a free democratic republic.

2.) Bipartisan Politics Makes You Close-Minded:

“At the core of all well-founded belief, lies belief that is unfounded.”~Ludwig Wittgenstein

Partisan politics is old hat. Republican versus democrat is parochial and outdated. It’s high time we moved on from this utterly adolescent and intellectually dismissive mindset. It’s time we found a more mature and responsible way of looking at politics that goes beyond petty prejudice and whiny scapegoating.

What we need is a politics without adjectives –meta-politics. The kind of politics that launches us into a heightened state of perception, giving us a bird’s eye view over the bipartisan fuckery of it all. The kind of politics that’s cosmopolitan and open-minded.

Meta-politics puts conservatism and liberalism on the backburner and watches them burn. It roasts some marsh mellows over that fire while kicking its legs up and having a good long laugh at the deplorable, egotistical seriousness of it all. And the best way to achieve the kind of politics that leaves partisanship behind on the shitheap of history is to embrace sortition over election.

3.) Elections are Auctions:

“If you vote, you have no right to complain.” ~George Carlin

The election-based system (especially representative elections) of appointing leadership has utterly failed. It’s time to usher in a new system of appointing democratic leaders.

Elections attract power hungry egomaniacs at best and warmongering sociopaths at worst. People who seek power over others tend to be the least capable of handling it. There must be a way to guard against this kind of unhealthy power-seeking personality type in our democratic leadership while still maintaining a healthy democracy.

One potential solution is the implementation of a sortition-based system of appointing leaders, with assembly powers to vote out “bad seeds.” A lottery would balance out the system through simple probability, while empowering citizens and preventing power from corrupting, since voting-out would be the only time a majority vote would matter. Sortition through lottery, by way of voluntary assembly, would level the playing field, make lobbyists obsolete, and prevent power from becoming entrenched, all while educating the masses on civic-mindedness and maintaining a healthy egalitarian ethos.

Assemblies could be local and practical, growing out of an organic bottom-up approach that encourages proactive and informative citizenry which would see communities build county assemblies into state assemblies into national assemblies. All of which would use the lottery to elect leaders and only use the popular vote to oust bad leaders.


4.) Xenophobic Nationalism Kills Healthy Diversity:

“Live simply so that others may simply live.” ~Gandhi

Migration and the free movement of people has always been a defining factor of the human condition. It’s a process of trial and error at times, certainly. For tyranny and violence have always been ugly aspects of our history. But, ultimately, it has been the cornerstone of our healthy, progressively evolving, species. Using a big-picture perspective, what astronauts call the Overview Effect, we can see how silly and irrational the idea of borders, boundaries, and disputed territories really are.

And yet today, caught up in our myopic, small-picture thinking, there are millions of us who think that attempting to stop the free movement of people is necessary and moral. Important enough to build a wall even –a symbol of structural violence if there ever was one.

But as Jason Silva said in this profound video, “Restricting migration is ultimately like restricting the flow of ideas. In much the same way that we don’t tolerate censorship, we might consider the ways in which restricting the free movement of people can be equally punishing to the idea of human flourishing.”

We need to scale up. We need to usher in a higher perspective. We need to dissolve the delusion of boundaries and the divisiveness of borders. Indeed. If we are to progressively evolve into a healthier species, we must be able to engage the Overview Effect to gain a higher perspective. Otherwise, we’re stuck, stagnating and devolving into the small-picture thinking of the monkey-mind.

5.) Dangerous Freedom is Healthier Than Peaceful Slavery:

“The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Peaceful freedom is the ideal, of course, but to achieve peaceful freedom, dangerous freedom must surpass peaceful slavery. Peaceful slavery is an all-too-comfortable state reinforced by extortion disguised as security and oppression disguised as safety. In order to snuff out the covert deceit, in order to reveal the Matrix for what it truly is, a little dangerous freedom must be acted out. A little risky (but mind-blowing) red-pill popping must replace the safe (but mind-numbing) blue-pill popping.

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