Nutrient Survival Foods, by Pat Cascio


by Pat Cascio, Survival Blog:

I’m not sure how each of us, lists our priorities for survival. However, I believe we all can agree that, we need water, food, medical gear, and weapons/ammo – and how you prioritize your list, is a personal thing. When (not if) things go “bad” and they are going bad with each passing day – if you get your news off the ‘net, instead of the lamestream “news” media, you will readily recognize that things are going south, a little bit more with each passing day. Riots are a main focus – and much of the “news” media still continues to call these things “mostly peaceful protests” (if they are conducted by fellow liberals) all the while you can see they are riots. Wars and rumors or wars – going on all over the world, but the “news” doesn’t even report on any of this. Changing weather – tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding – take your choice. And, let’s not forget about political changes, especially all the talk about gun control now that Biden and Harris are in the White House.


Personally, I’m not sure how I place my priorities, I guess it depends on the day of the week. At times, guns and ammo are on the top of my list. Other days, we elect to add to our survival food supply. As to water, we have our own well, and two fast running creeks within a few hundred yards of our homestead. Still, you can’t live very long without water. I have several generators. However, none are big enough (watt rating) to start the pump in my well. I hope to correct that one day. So, as a last resort we can obtain water from a creek and treat it so that it is drinkable.

We have a good food supply, with a mix of frozen foods, canned foods, freeze-dried/dehydrated, etc., but we don’t depend on just one type of food for survival purposes. Plus, we have to take into consideration, special diets – I’m a diabetic, and I can’t just eat any old foods, or my blood sugar will soar out of sight. I also have hypertension – I have to watch to make sure I don’t eat foods with too much salt. So, we’re always on the lookout for types of food I can eat, on a regular basis.

Enter Nutrient Survival foods and they recently sent me a large selection of their survival goods to test for our readers. Now, keep in mind that, many freeze-dried or dehydrated foods lose some of their nutrients. This just happens in the process of preparing them for long-term storage use, and over time. Canned foods also lose some of their nutrient values as well – therefore in my family we all take a daily multiple vitamin to help offset this loss of nutrients in most of the foods that we consume. What is different about Nutrient Survival Foods is that they also contain supplemental nutrients of various types. Here’s an example…12-grams of G. Protein, 14 vitamins, 12 minerals, 509 MG Grams of Omega 3, along with 6-grams of fiber. And that’s just in one of their products – it varies with each product. Now, I’m no expert on nutrition, to be sure, however, I know that our bodies need certain things to function to their fullest.

Each package of foods from Nutrient Survival has everything listed on them, so you know what you’re consuming. And, I mean the lists are very complete – no guessing on what you are getting in each serving. Plus, here’s something I really like, when it comes time to add some hot water to rehydrate your foods, the wait time is much less than with other freeze-dried/dehydrated foods – some of those take 15-20 minutes or longer to get ready to eat. Most of the Nutrient Survival Foods are ready in 5-7 minutes – just add the measured amount of hot water, and cover it – let it sit, and you are ready for a meal.

I won’t list all the foods that this company provides, you can find that own their web site. However, we tested quite a few of the foods, and can’t complain about any of them – we still have quite a bit to get through, however we don’t anticipate any of the remaining foods to be any problem at all. Some of their foods don’t even require anything other than to open the packages and eat.

The oatmeal raisin cookies were great – and your body will readily recognize that you have some serious food in your stomach…these cookies, while not big or many – just two in a package, were filling – very filling. Homestyle scrambled eggs also had hash browns in with it – again, very filling – one serving is all you need for your breakfast. My wife really liked the triple cheese mac ‘n cheese – I didn’t sample it – it was gone before I had a chance, and my wife said it was “rich” in flavor, to say the least. Chocolate Chip cookies, two in a pack – again, it was “heavy” in the stomach – very filling.

Another meal I didn’t sample because of the sugar content was a sort of rice crispy, that was chocolate flavored, my wife eats through it in no time at all. Honey granola bars – two in a package, and once again, they were filling – not like the stuff you buy at the store for a snack – these bars let you know you had something good – and filling – in your stomach.

Like I said, we haven’t sampled everything sent to us for testing – but we’ll get through it all. Now, we were sent a “sample” pack of the various foods, not the #10 can-sized foods. Now, if you compare the costs of Nutrient Survival Foods, to some of the freeze-dried/dehydrated foods, it is more expensive – but you have to take into consideration that these foods have nutrients added to them. So, you won’t have to eat quite as much as you normally would with the freeze-dried/dehydrated foods. I didn’t put pen to paper to figure out the difference in costs, however, in the end, I don’t think you will be spending any more or not much more on the nutrient-enriched foods.

A little background is in order with the folks at Nutrient, some are former military Special Forces personnel, food scientists, hikers, survivalists, etc. So, these are folks who know what you need in your meals in order to survive – just that simple. I’ll tell you what, I’ve eaten some of the freeze-dried/dehydrated foods over the years, and most of their recommended servings, will leave you wanting something more to eat – you just don’t feel like you got “enough” – while your stomach might feel full, your body wants something more in order to function at 100%. Now, I’m not putting down these other foods – not in the least, just making an observation here.

My family keeps 3-to-4 days worth of freeze-dried/dehydrated meals in our e-boxes in our vehicles, along with water that is needed to rehydrate them. Plus, we have a means of heating the water and getting the food ready to eat – just takes a little longer than you want – especially when you are hungry, and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Another thing worth mention is that Nutrient Survival foods use NO artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors added to them. This seems make a lot of sense to me, especially since so many foods you buy have those things added. I find it amusing at times, with the companies that advertise that they don’t have any of these things. One of the latest is Burger Kind – well, of course, the onions, tomatoes, lettuce and buns – and the meat, don’t have any of that artificial stuff added…duh! And, of course, we have this “gluten-free” thing – I don’t even know what gluten is, but many companies claim their products are gluten-free – when in reality, they never had any gluten in them to start with – such as oatmeal.  That is just a sleight of hand advertising thing.

All the foods that are used in Nutrient Survival products are sourced right here in the good ol’ USA and made in Reno, Nevada – not foods from other countries. And to me, this is something important. Any more, you have to read labels on everything if you want to know where your products come from – especially foods. Thankfully most of the fruit and veggie departments at your grocery store are putting up signs big enough that you can read them and see where your foods came from.

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