by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

The pattern is quite-clear and old, and frankly, you better pay attention.

Oh, I know the pundits say, it’s just a little pullback.

Except in a mania you’re never really sure if the “little pullback” is just that or if it’s a crash trigger.

It’s even worse when the mania itself was in no small part stoked by a money-printing extravaganza born from a self-created “crisis” that wasn’t, complete with a half-million dead bodies stacked up by the government — equal to the count of dead from WWII — for the explicit purpose of inculcating fear.

Which did happen, I remind you.

Never forget that revulsion is a thing, and so is spite.  Both can last years, or even decades.


Australia pulled this sort of crap with the 1918 pandemic — a real pandemic we had no tools to deal with — and got a decade long economic thrashing out of it while we got the Roaring 20s.

Of course then we got 1929 and the entire world got The Great Depression.

Back then everyone was getting stock tips from shoe shine boys.

Now they’re getting them from grifters like Musk and “Wall Street Bets” on Reddit.

Don’t kid yourselves folks — the facts on alleged “investments” have never changed, and never will.  They’re all just numbers on a screen until you reduce your alleged “gains” to cash.

How many people found that out the hard way with GameStop?  BlackBerry?  Nokia?  AMC?  Now BitCON?

“Digital assets”?  Who are you kidding here?  There’s no “asset”; it’s a giant con job to the tune of a trillion dollars.

Then again who the hell cares about facts?  Certainly not anyone who’s been putting up with all this Covid bull****!  Indeed, over the last year over two million seniors died without the care and comfort of their loved ones across the entire last year.  All “visitors” were locked out of nursing homes for fear of spreading infection while the employees were left alone to moonlight and go out shopping or whatever and then bring the infection into the nursing home and kill the residents.  Aren’t all those “heroes” special?

We knew this in February of 2020 and refused to lock down the employees.  50,000 died as a direct result in four months in those homes alone while we screwed every other resident out of the care and comfort of their loved ones so the coddled “heroes” could go shopping for their own groceries and do whatever the hell they wanted.

Does this sound like “reason” and “science” to you or does it sound like a potential trigger for revulsion and spite?

The inculcation of that fear — which was intentional, given that we knew by summer how to stop virtually every death from this disease — was also the pretext for a monstrous money-printing operation that has and will continue to destabilize both asset markets and the economy as a whole.

Oh, I bet you love your house price appreciation, right?  How do you monetize it without buying another bubble house?  Other than by dying you don’t and if you die I doubt you care much about the “value” of said house.

“Supremely-low” interest rates?  Why that’s a license to steal — from you.

Of course there wouldn’t be any tax collection problems in all those locked down states and cities, would there?  Services, you say?  How are they going to be paid for?

Tell me again all about young adults being rooked out of $20,000, $30,000, or even $50,000+ per year to attend “virtual” classes; there was no value in the on-site ones other than blowing or ****ing the right person and thus winding up in politics where you can grift off everyone else in the first place.  Even so-called “hard science” like programming and such is worthless now given that they’ll just outsource the labor to either H1bs or send it over to India entirely where people work for 1/5th of a living wage in the United States.  And by the way, if you think getting admitted to one of those “grand places” is a guarantee of the in, you’re wrong — just like so many think that if they can play football in High School that means they’ll play in the NFL and make millions.  Odds are you won’t — you’ll simply wind up in debt by going to said school.

All of this over a couple of decades of time — rather than fixing the medical monopolies and taking people like Fauci and firing them — out of a cannon — along with restoring the rule of law — are why we’re here.  They’re why the next crash will be worse than the last one; they blew a bigger bubble to cover up the last one rather than throw people in prison for the fraud they served upon both investors and the public.

Meanwhile yesterday The Fed chair said that inflation is “too soft” and, of course, the band must play on.

Oh really?  Have a look at the PPI lately?  It’s far less-polluted than that nonsense thing called the “CPI”, which has been cooked bull**** for the last three decades — by law, I remind you.

Let me guess — you don’t think Congress knows the blow-up is coming?

What’s that fence, razor wire and a division of armed troops doing there?

Do you really believe that a handful of miscreants without a single weapon on them and more than a few dressed in furry are the reason you need 10,000 troops and a DMZ-style perimeter?  C’mon people, you’re not that stupid.

I predicted that the Covid-19 lie would fall apart in the first few months of the year, and it is.  That was an easy one, actually, since the peak of infections had already passed when I made the prediction, and yet I knew damn well from the previous nine months they’d never give it up.  They’ll die on that hill, and die they are, right here and now as cases literally collapse, down by ninety five percent in my county among others.

In Sevier County there has not been one person in ICU with Covid-19 for the last month.  Funny thing is that they keep reporting “deaths.”  When did the death occur?  A month ago, and just now you’re getting around to “counting” it?  Why do I suspect that number is almost entirely made up just so the hospital can claim its $30,000 “per head” bounty for a Covid death?

Never mind the 500,000 killed by intentionally ignoring safe and effective drugs so as to grant EUAs to vaccines that may be safe and may be effective — or may be neither, and worse, “effective” does not mean “keeps you from dying”; it also has to mean “produces sterilizing immunity” or the more shots in arms the more likely you promote a more-lethal strain of the virus.

It’s over whether they like it or not, but the stupid money-printing that destabilizes asset markets and the economy is not over.  Nor have you all told the “gubbermint” to take their tard rags and shove ’em up their ass — sideways and stacked until they come out the cops and politicians’ mouths, if necessary.

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