GROUPTHINK: Just One Of Many Reasons All The Analysts, Chart Huggers, Experts And Gurus Have Been Wrong About Silver For Weeks


    from Silver Doctors:

    Has silver bottomed?

    (by Half Dollar) Most people are wrong most of the time.

    When I say that, of course, I’m excluding the Sheeple, because they’re oblivious, and I’m not counting the Brainwashed Masses either, because, well, they’re brainwashed, so really, I’m being generous with my statement.

    If I also exclude the Walmart Zombies, who somehow have nary a brain cell yet a license to drive an 850 pound (fully loaded) electric cart around the snack isle like they were race car drivers, or like Walmart was about to run out of cheeze doodles, or like whatever, it’s probably also safe to say that most people are wrong all of the time.

    TRUTH LIVES on at

    Sorry, but what can I say?

    That’s just the way it goes.

    And it gives otherwise thinking people a problem: Who to listen to?

    Well, here’s what I do, and because I would like to consider myself a thinking person, others may find this of use: If I’m listening to somebody talking about something, anything, and that person spends one second more than a purely trivial amount of time watching CIA propaganda hollywood movies, watching Two Minutes Hate TV, watching the circus professional sports, listening to Big Brother the radio, or engaging in pop cultureish mainstream entertainment like that, I generally assume that person is an idiot at best.

    Now, as for me, disregard everything I just said, and don’t listen to me either, because I’m an idiot too, but obviously for other reasons, and since I’m an idiot, I have no idea what those other reasons are.

    I will say this, however: 2020 was a great year for me in that I only had to sit through two movies the entire year, and I even got to pick one of them, and I didn’t even have to go to the movie theater once!

    Usually, my tolerance is four movies per year, at the movie theater, of course, because suffering through the previews has the added benefit of reinforcing my displeasure, and If I’m not constantly pleasing my taste buds by way of oral delight through the entire experience, then I’m probably throwing up a little bit in my mouth too, but more on the delicious array of indulgences in a moment, because I’m not done explaining the prerequisites for my cinematic patronage, for I will participate in this form of entertainment, provided the duration of the movie is not Lord of the Star Worlds super-duper long, and given the frequency of my attendance is not more than once per quarter, and only if I can buy one of the $9 beers, not light, some Mike & Ike’s, and a box of fresh, unburnt popcorn, preferably still popping or at least scooped from the top, buttered halfway through filling the box, shaken, filled beyond the brim and then buttered some more, and then, like, it’s cool.

    The box of popcorn, however, needs to be the large size in order to take advantage of the free refill on my way out, but a medium size box will suffice if my family engages in some fine dining before the show, but for me to downgrade like that to the medium, it’s got to be a really, really nice place for fine dining, you know, like Applebee’s, or maybe even Chili’s.

    But I digress.

    Has silver bottomed?

    I’m sure that is what everybody wants to know, and hey, everybody on Twitter says so!


    Everybody has also been saying gold will catch-up to silver:

    Funny again.

    Group think and profit motives, along with everybody high-fiving each other and shouting valuable “insight” about silver on YouTube sure has been something lately, hasn’t it?

    The old school is more than eager to demonstrate its vast, profound knowledge, and the new school is eager to soak it all up, and yet, the old school has discontinued its continuation to learn and to grow, and as such, the old school will retard the new school.

    Are there any other schools?

    Unfortunately, there are not.

    There are only a bunch of rogue idiots who have been cast aside by both the old school and by the new school and then thrown out with the spoiled food in Texas.

    But let’s not get it twisted: Most of them are wrong most of the time as well.

    And for some reason, they are all just kind of ignoring gold right now, too:

    It’s ironic, really, because one thing that really irks me more than other things is when so-called gold “advocates” totally ignore silver, because the last time I checked, it isn’t really a choice, but this time around, it’s the silver guys that are totally ignoring gold!


    Probably nothing.

    Silver pulling back to its “support” is also probably nothing:

    Funny again, again!

    A $100 drop in the price of palladium is not funny:

    Palladium is now in the middle of its sideways choppy channel, and in my opinion, headed for the bottom end of the channel.

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