Gordon Chang: How Biden is surrendering to Chinese tech agenda


by Bob Unruh, WND:

‘What will you do to protect us?’

President Biden has excused China’s concentration camp confinement and torture of Turkic Uyghurs largely as a matter of having “different norms.”

He’s also enmeshed in a number of other China controversies, from his son’s business deals that promised a cut for the “big guy” to his decision to free schools from revealing financial sponsorships from China.

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Now he’s “leaving America defenseless” to the Chinese Communist Party, charges Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and a Gatestone Institute senior fellow.

It’s because of Biden’s executive orders and other actions that are reversing President Trump’s agenda to protect the nation from China’s invasive technology.

“Although new White House occupants have always reviewed the policies of predecessors, Biden should have retained the Trump-era protections,” said Chang.

Trump cracked down on platforms such as TikTok and WeChat and banned the purchase of Chinese equipment for the U.S. electrical grid.

Trump banned WeChat and TikTok after he “correctly contended” that they were collecting huge volumes of data and censoring Americans, said Chang.

Now the Biden administration is considering reversing the bans.

Chang explained, “TikTok’s threat to the U.S. goes well beyond the surreptitious collection of data and censorship, however. China has used the app’s algorithm to inflame American public opinion.”

Chinese engineers manage TikTok’s algorithms to determine when to show videos to users that “boost the signal” and “curate content to get people to act in certain ways,” Chang wrote.

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