Fear and Falsehood, Dr. Anthony Fauci States Masks Could Be Needed Until 2022 or Beyond


from The Conservative Treehouse:

The scale of false narrative engineering by Dr. Fauci is quite literally stunning when you stand back and look at the bigger picture behind the narrative engineering around COVID-19 and the threat it represents.

Within this interview Fauci-Mengele claims he has not seen his adult children because it is a risk. This is full-blown Pravda-level manipulation toward the viewing audience.  There is no level of fear that needs to be this great from the virus.

Take Florida as an example; the entire state is essentially open, people are engaged, there is physical interaction at all levels of human contact, and there is no extreme death or outbreak pattern related. The false and exaggerated stories just do not reconcile with the reality amid a population of more than 19 million, with massive inbound residential visits from all 50 states. Nothing is happening and life is essentially normal.

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Additionally, Fauci claims masks may be needed into some unknown future, again because of some fearful determinations that have absolutely no basis on fact.  This is propaganda.


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