by Wayne Allen Root, Root For America:

Remember the old New Orleans Saints coach Jim Mora who went nuts at a press conference? “Playoffs? Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs! Are you kidding me?”

You can quote me today: “Unity? Unity? Are you freakin’ kidding me? There’s no unity. Biden can mouth the word ‘unity’ all he wants. It’s a lie. Democrats don’t want unity. They want to censor us, ban us, purge us, wipe away American history like it never happened, and then intimidate us into meekly going along with it all. They want us kneeling and saying ‘thank you’ while they destroy America and the American way of life. That’s what they mean by ‘unity.’ So, you can take your unity and shove it where the sun don’t shine.”

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Got it?

I won’t even discuss the statements in the past week by liberals and Democrat politicians that sounded like acts of war. I won’t get into how they dragged conservatives and of course, white males, into the gutter. I won’t get into the way they slandered us, attacked us, denigrated us, slimed us, aimed hate speech at us.

I’m a S.O.B. (son of a butcher). My butcher father had great common sense. He taught me to “watch what a man does, not what he says.” So, I’ll just point out President Biden’s first acts as president.

*Biden had a record-setting first day in office. In a matter of hours, he killed between 70,000 and 100,000 jobs. He killed the Keystone Pipeline. He halted all oil and gas permits on federal land. He halted construction of the US-Mexico border wall.

These weren’t just any jobs. These were high-paying middle-class jobs in construction and energy. And ironically, these were union jobs. This is a disaster for the US economy.

*Biden offered up a radical amnesty plan for every illegal alien in the United States. Biden wants to give every illegal alien inside the USA (a Harvard study says there are 23 million) a fast-track to citizenship in only eight years. This is a disaster for America in many ways.

First, this radical amnesty plan rewards law-breakers. The rule of law and US Constitution no longer matter. We’re not America anymore, we’re “Mad Max.”

Second, these will become 23 million new Democrat voters. Republicans will never win again. Third, they will take jobs from and lower the wages of American citizens. Fourth these new citizens will bankrupt America as they all qualify for welfare, food stamps, free Obamacare and 100 other welfare programs. Fifth, they will overcrowd and bankrupt our public schools and healthcare system. Sixth, this will overwhelm the police, court and prison system. Seventh, this will encourage millions of additional foreigners to invade our border. Soon none of us will recognize America. This will be a country foreign to Americans. Lastly, Biden will have to dramatically raise taxes on American citizens and business owners to pay for this massive cost.

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