The Trump Impeachers Want to Send Us Back to the British Queen


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

Today, Monday, January 25, Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment minions will “solemnly” traverse the hallway of the Capitol, between the House and the Senate, bearing a single article of impeachment against citizen Donald Trump. Cameras will roll, attempting to dignify this stroll. But what they are carrying is the equivalent of an IED targeted at the U.S. Constitution. It is also an IED aimed squarely at the American people, namely, you.


They intend it to hit both those who voted for Donald Trump and those who didn’t but might dissent, nonetheless. It will kick off a phony campaign under the rubric of stopping “domestic terrorism,” to manufacture “consent” for economic policies which will wipe out whole swaths of the population. If we respond appropriately, it will blow up on them, like the rest of the scripted policies of the Avatar President, Joe Biden.

The bearers of this device are a bunch of unhinged lawyers, who proclaim themselves liberals and civil libertarians but now seek a replay of the McCarthy period and J. Edgar Hoover’s infamous COINTELPRO, having found the freedoms of the Constitution a threat to their vision of utopia where social credit is based on racial or sexual identity and, most of all, compliance and intellectual and creative passivity.

They hope that the impeachment show trial, accompanied by a campaign of threats, censorship, and social ostracism, all of it watched over by National Guard troops who will occupy Washington, D.C. until mid-March, will somehow legitimize a presidency won by massive vote fraud and put an awakened people back into the “normal” mode. By “normal” they mean a government which reacts with chill, or even hostile indifference, to the monstrous conditions which its policies impose and a population which accepts their immiserated condition and despair passively with no manifest sense of their human rights in these matters. That is a general description of “normal” before Donald Trump, the man who awoke a sleeping giant—the people who are no longer willing to accept the elites’ discredited bull pucky.

Just look at the panicked cast of characters the elites lined up to sell their plan to re-pacify the majority of the American population. James Comey, the disgraced former FBI Director, shouted hysterically last week that they need to “burn the Republican party to the ground.”

John Brennan, Obama’s brain-dead CIA Director, declared that he knows that the entire new Biden intelligence apparatus is now focused, “laser like,” on the Trump “insurgency” which includes racists, bigots, and a whole list of other deplorables, allied, it seems, with libertarians. According to Brennan, the intelligence mandarins (who have demonstrated their repeated incompetence) will use the same techniques on Trump supporters which Obama used on ISIS. Brennan, of course, knows, that Obama actually grew ISIS, thinking it useful to overthrow Syria’s President Assad.

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, on Clinton’s séance-like podcast, called for a commission to investigate what happened at the Capitol, because, they opine, it obviously had to have something to do with Russiagate’s still unexplored deep relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. At the very same time this insane podcast took place, declassified FBI documents showed that Clinton fabricated the entirety of Russiagate, designing it to deflect from the apparently politically devastating emails extant on her private email server.

This initial incendiary barrage was accompanied by repeated calls to “deprogram” Trump supporters by such as Katie Couric and a real former Moonie weirdo deprogrammer called Steve Hassan. All of this is being done at the same time that the Avatar president shouts at his teleprompter about “unity” and “civility.”

Finally, in laying out the schedule for impeachment Senator Chuck Schumer delivered the ultimate Freudian slip, declaring that President Trump was being tried by the Senate for inciting an “erection.”

The impeachment trial will begin on February 8. The Democrats are hoping to use the intervening period to confirm their cabinet nominees, many of whom have been the actual insurrectionists participating in the coup against Trump over the past four years. Last week’s direct assaults on the Senate itself, with Wall Street threatening Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party with funding cutoffs, McConnell embracing impeachment, and full-scale cancel campaigns against Senators Hawley and Cruz, allowed the confirmation of Biden cabinet nominees in a walk. That included Avril Haines, the Brennan protege and designer of Obama’s Tuesday afternoon drone killing sprees, for Director of National Intelligence.

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