by David Bryan, Silver Doctors:

The key is a sovereign economy backed by gold. With a gold backed currency, everything falls into place…

Submitted by David Bryan author of Two World Systems

Gold has always provided the monetary binary for a sovereign society.  It is how humanity enjoys the calm assured confidence of a flourishing economic and dignified world. Gold held in the treasury can be increased, can be re-valued and can be used to back the currency. The central bank based monetary system is what is horribly wrong. It is anti-sovereign.


It should be obvious that we have inherited a planet magnificently suspended in space. It is warmed by the heat of the sun during the day and cooled by night. In every respect it is a manifestation of divine perfection! There is absolutely no need for any corporate, financial or military institution to engineer what is already sovereign.

For fascism to succeed, the sovereign must be neutered and then replaced with a modified reality. To replace the sovereign with a lie is the sole purpose of financial engineering, genetic engineering, social engineering, military engineering and biological engineering.

The Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, is the central bank for all central bank anti-sovereign money. Their trading desks neuter the precious metals markets, almost on a daily basis. The military industrial complex, neuter resource rich countries such as Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and are itching to neuter Iran and Venezuela. Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Du Pont and Syngenta neuter plant seed by injecting a new DNA into healthy plant cells. The next generation of plant inherits a sterile seed and farmers must buy biologically neutered GM plants from these GMO corporations. Social engineering neuters the role of the family as the nucleus of society. To prevent civilization from regenerating as a cohesive unit, the family and family values must be sterilized.

  1. The most sovereign of all our human rights, is the right to a sovereign body;
  1. We have a moral right to sovereign money that provides an economy where any entrepreneur or person wishing to be self sufficient, is able to compete and start up a new business;
  1. As humans, we are endowed with the power of reason. We should have the fundamental right to a sovereign society, in which we can develop and fulfill our ambitions in life.

Imagine, to our complete horror, we find out and it is much too late, that hell on Earth is a neutered world. Where everything that is precious has been sterilized, such as gold for a sovereign economy, plants for a sovereign ecology and the family for a sovereign society.

With military precision, Institutions and politicians have determined that everything precious is to be neutered. Corporations have mandated that we have fake news, eat artificial meat, sweeteners, GM crops, use crypto currencies, lose our wealth and the economic ability to be self sufficient. Politicians have determined that there is to be a neutered definition of family, restricted travel, no right to gather in groups, no freedom of expression and probably no need to vote.

With undue haste and for the first time ever, our human cells, like GM neutered plants are to be injected with a completely new DNA. As if they are anticipating, the coming shock of neutered generations who may be forced to live with biological induced trans-humanism. Congress has declared that this year they want to change our biological identity and introduce gender neuter terms for the family, such as spouses, siblings, etc. So that a family no longer includes the natural gender terms of mother, father, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, grandmothers or grandfathers.

Even the elected President of the United States of America has been neutered and censored by social media. Imagine an engineered neutered country, that was once the land of the free and home of the brave or any other country on the planet. Where the pandemic lockdowns economically eliminate the ability to own private property. Where the majority of people are given the squalor of a government basic income, rely on food handouts, clothing, shelter, etc., and status is determined by an assigned credit score. It would be anti-sovereign and probably too late to find out that hell on Earth is to live in a neutered world.

Part of the elite’s horrific agenda, is based on the notion of world overpopulation. If the entire population of the planet were to be placed in Australia, the world’s smallest continent, the average family of five would occupy a little over 1.25 acres. Clearly with all of Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America, which are much larger continents. The world contains more than sufficient fertile land as well as oceans, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, villages and hamlets to wonderfully cater for the entire human population.  Ignorance is based on the propaganda imposed by the half truths of belief-isms. Resolutions are found by applying the binary of Universal principles.

The only correct binary for the world is sovereign. The sun, the family and gold are sovereign, stable, passive, indestructible and inviolable. They are binary that have always effortlessly and naturally maintained a prosperous, flourishing ecology, civilization and economy! They provide absolutely everything that we need to develop and fulfill our ambitions in life. The sun, the family and gold are without fear or favors, they stand alone and each is beyond super efficient. They do not require genetic, social, military, biological or financial engineering. They do not require the bureaucracy of laws, rules and regulations and they do not require ideologies!  “All truths are easy to understand when they are discovered, the point is to discover them.”  –  Galileo

There is an Athenian binary system that would guarantee a representative and sovereign democratic government, which is “of the people, for the people and by the people.” Government is chosen by lot from the general populace! At first this may require placing our trust in the strength of human nature. However people ‘that are of the people’ are from the grounded sovereign majority, who regardless of their sex, age or education have always been ready and willing to work for one another. They are people who if selected, are likely to legislate with immense honor and have a great deal more compassionate empathy, than all the aloof corporate owned demagogues of the institutionalized political parties!

With the immense wealth and social divide, imposed on the world by the central bank anti-sovereign debt ideology of monetarism. That finances the ideologies of globalism, corporatism, capitalism, socialism, communism, militarism and fascism. The trillions of public assets that have been surreptitiously acquired by the central banks and their crony corporations. The off bank balance sheet counter party risks from the quadrillions in leveraged derivatives. The social importance of healthcare and other essential services. Some insightful thoughts on how to structure a completely sovereign economic and social reset, which complies with Sir Isaac Newton’s extraordinary third law of physics: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Are developed in the author’s book Two World Systems.

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