Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Bill Gates, The WHO And The Technocrat Oligarchs


from Humans Are Free:

Kennedy knows about censorship from personal experience. His organization, Children’s Health Defense, has been routinely censored by every Big Tech platform in the world.

Kennedy calls for a bi-partisan resistance in America that focuses on the real enemies of freedom and liberty, and well it should. I have stated for years that the dog fights between left and right only obscure what the Technocrats are doing to us behind the curtain.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Bill Gates, The Who And The Technocrat Oligarchs

Americans must get their eyes off the left-right chaos in Washington, DC and start demanding answers to the hard questions we all want answers to.

The fact that the First Amendment and Free Speech are hanging by a thread is no accident. This is how all revolutions start – censorship of all contrary thought, actions and words.

Kennedy does not mention Technocracy by name, but he is hitting on all the key points.

You can purchase the book recommended by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at he following link: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism



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