Right on Schedule, COVID Pivots for Biden


by Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., American Thinker:

Imagine changing the rules in the middle of the game, so that hits rather than runs, or first downs rather than touchdowns, determine the game winner. That is exactly what is happening with COVID reporting, just as many of us predicted. This confirms the lingering question of how much of COVID was about the actual virus versus a political club to hurt President Trump and drive him from office, quite successfully.

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As an interesting coincidence, the first case of the novel coronavirus arrived in the U.S. on the same day the House walked articles of impeachment to the Senate. The next impeachment was based on Trump’s supposed calls for violence at a pre-planned Capitol riot just before Congress was to certify (or not) the Electoral College vote, the riot blamed on a speech he gave after the rioting already started.

In politics, there are no coincidences, and the recent rule changes for tallying COVID case are no exception. What happened after Orange Man went from bad to gone?

The World Health Organization, on Biden’s inauguration day, released a notice that the COVID PCR test was overly sensitive based on its cycle threshold. A positive result, rather than simply being added to the case counts broadcast constantly by Fox News and MSNBC, must consider other factors such as test specifics, symptoms, and patient history, as would be done for most other laboratory tests in medicine.

Lowering the cycle threshold means fewer cases going forward, not due to anything Trump or Biden did or did not do but simply because of a new way of counting cases. Interestingly this notice was created on Jan. 13, but not released until Jan. 20, Biden’s inauguration day. What a coincidence!

Did the basic concept of interpreting a medical test based on context just dawn on the medical experts at the WHO? Physicians do that all the time. A single high blood pressure reading in the doctor’s office may be due to “white coat syndrome” rather than true hypertension and is viewed in that context.

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The New York Times knew about the overly sensitive COVID PCR test last summer, reporting that 90 percent of patients testing positive “carried barely any virus” based on cycle thresholds. Was that news at the time or dutifully ignored?

Dr Anthony Fauci knew this as well, acknowledging in an interview last summer the consequences of an overly sensitive PCR test,

A sizable proportion of patients may have been unwittingly receiving positive test results that have little bearing on either their individual health or their risk of spreading the virus to others — suffering, in the process, much avoidable anxiety and disruption to everyday life.

Yet the case counts marched on, the media dutifully blaming every case on President Trump. Until Jan. 20 at least. With the Orange Man banished to Mar-a-Lago and Brilliant Biden now in charge, the “follow the science” crowd may finally be following the science.

This includes the media, singing from the chorus line of new post-inauguration COVID rules. The examples are legion, but here are a few.

On Jan. 11, Reuters ran this headline, “U.S. sets COVID-19 death record for second week, cases surge.” Or The Hill on Jan. 12, “Overwhelmed by COVID-19 surge, California is turning stadiums into mass vaccination hubs.”

Yet post inauguration, COVID is magically under control. From Bloomberg, “COVID cases fall in 46 States, but Biden warns of more death.” Of course he does, his “dark winter,” not from COVID but from his recent executive orders. The New York Times agrees, “U.S. Coronavirus cases are falling, but variants could erase progress.” Variants are mutations, normal among viruses, explaining why the flu vaccine is less than 50 percent effective and needs to be repeated each year.

It’s not only the DNC media pivoting on a dime as the reign of Biden/Harris takes shape, but also the pied pipers of draconian lockdowns, specifically totalitarian wannabees masquerading as American mayors and governors.

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