by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Note this:

The administration will also stop holding back millions of doses reserved for the second round of shots of Pfizer and Moderna’s two-dose vaccines, the official said, adding they released doses that had been held in reserve on Sunday.


President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team announced Friday that his administration planned to release all doses held in reserve.

Folks, there is no science whatsoever on what happens if you get one shot and then don’t get the other on the correct schedule, or at all.  Indeed the folks from Pfizer and Moderna immediately threw shade on that with good reason; they have no idea what will happen because it was never investigated.  Indeed, if one shot was enough they never would have tested or required two.


There is no reason to believe you will get any protection of substance unless you complete the sequence on schedule, which was just intentionally destroyed by both Trump and Biden.

Why would you do this?

That sort of action sounds insane and isunless you know the vaccine is worthless other than as a psyop because natural immunity in the population will suppress transmission before the antibodies produced by the vaccine can build and provide that very same suppression.

There is no other sane explanation for this action.

Again, timelines folks.

You need two stabs and the antibody titer is not present and stable until approximately four weeks after the second one.  This means that you are not protected from infection for six to eight weeks after the first stab.

Do you need protection in North Dakota now, say much less in eight weeks?

No — it’s over.

By the time you build antibodies in Tennessee — roughly the middle of February for the first people, and end of February for the “second group”, will you need protection of those antibodies?

No, it will be over.  It is in fact, on the data, over now; the peak is four weeks past and as expected hospitalization is headed down.

Look at Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin; other states north of Tennessee.  They are all well past the winter peak except New York and New Jersey (along with a couple of other places that went full-on stupid), which locked down everything and spread out time rather than the cases.

The vaccines are, at this point for virtually the entire land-mass of the United States, nothing more than a psychological crutch.  By the time nearly everyone gets the second dose and antibodies build the peak will be past and the danger over.

In other words all of it was a waste of both time and money.

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