New conspiracy: Is the sitting U.S. President the real Joe Biden? Will the real Joe Biden please stand up?


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

The new online debate among information warriors is ‘attached earlobes vs. detached earlobes’ after images of President Joe Biden reveal two different individuals may be playing the part

Pictures and video footage of President Joe Biden are being examined in detail and inventoried by Internet sleuths who’ve discovered the man that the mainstream news has been showing images of is not the real Joe Biden in some instances and is, in fact, someone else wholly.


For unknown reasons, U.S. news agencies and the White House have been displaying imagery of two different individuals which they claim to be Biden.

Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas Tweeted the FBI and White House on Thursday to parody the fact that no real analysts are addressing the issue at hand which is that we don’t know who this other guy pictured at the helm really is nor do we know if the man has access to the nation’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

The people have been duped! Your president is not really your president, in a sense.

These are clearly two different people. The image on the left is the current sitting president — the image on the right is @JoeBiden‘s official presidential portrait.

@ShepardAmbellas on Twitter

In response to an Internet troll, Ambellas replied:

Ha, you truly think these ears belong to the same person don’t you? You really are stupid, huh? I’m sorry Bob but wrong answer. I’ll take attached lobes vs detached for $200, Alex.

The human mind is a strange thing, to say the least, and I will be the first to admit that sometimes the mind can play tricks on you. So let’s take a closer look.

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“Do these ears belong to the same person?” Ambellas asked. “i.e. are those the same two ears.”

Twitter user @xzebra008 responded to the thread and posted the following images.

Do the photos in the Tweet show what appear to be a mask as the user insinuates in the Tweet? If so, who is behind the mask?

An image captured of the “president” from a Fox News broadcast on Thursday reveals an attached lobe at the base of the imposter’ss ear.

Shockingly and with no explanation, the president (rockin’ a detached earlobe) appeared on the same Fox News broadcast just moments later.

Note to Fox News: At least, show some consistency if you are going to attempt to sell the general public two different individuals and try and pass them off as the current POTUS.

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