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If you thought food price inflation was bad right now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

(by Half Dollar) I’m not using hyperbole in my title.

I do hope that people are starting to get it: The crack-up boom has begun, and contrary to what most in the mainstream believe, it’s starting in America, and it will spread outwards.

Remember the $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus plan that at the time President-Elect Biden unveiled last week?


Yeah, well, today’s news is brand new spending and spending enhancements that will supposedly ease the pain on Main Street until we get to the next round of fiscal stimulus.

Keep in mind that in addition to the latest round of stimulus, the latest round of Economic Impact Payments (the $600 stimulus checks) are still making their way to eligible taxpayers because yes, paper checks are still a thing.

That said, from Reuters (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday will sign two executive orders aimed at speeding pandemic stimulus checks to families who need it most and increasing food aid for children who normally rely on school meals as a main source for nutrition.


In the first order, Biden will ask the Treasury Department to consider taking steps to expand and improve delivery of stimulus checks, such as establishing online tools for claiming payments.

Do you even money velocity, bro?

Of course, this should come as no surprise.

I wrote about this exact subject on December 30th in an article that’s published at the best online gold & silver bullion dealer’s website:

And I specifically said this about the portal (yellow highlight added for emphasis):

In my opinion, the helicopter money is picking up, not slowing down, and what Reuters is reporting on today seems to confirm this.

Back to Reuters (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

Biden will also seek to increase access to food for millions of children who are missing meals because schools are closed due to the pandemic.

He will ask the Agriculture Department (USDA) to consider issuing new guidance that would increase the aid given to families who normally rely on schools to provide a main meal of the day for their children.

This is such a sad day in America to think that for millions of kids, the “main meal” of the day is provided by government.

It’s also scary, and not only that, but whenever the government “does something”, it always costs way more than it otherwise would cost, and I’m not even just talking about the massive levels of fraud, waste and abuse, but the simple fact that a “free lunch” from the government is actually the very most expensive lunch there could ever be.

People forget about the food rationing in America during World War II, and I would not be surprised to see forced food rationing begin sometime this year.

But hey, we’re all in this together as one united family!

And the government will take care of all of our needs and most of our wants!

And it’s all for free!


Now, the other executive order helps protect useless Federal employees who should be fired from getting fired, the order promotes a $15 minimum wage, and the order revokes some of former President Trump’s Executive Orders.

Ahh, isn’t it great that with the stroke of a pen we can have all of our problems solved?

The bottom line?

People looking only at each round of “stimulus” as the inflation are totally missing it.

There are plenty of backdoor programs that are printing massive amounts of funny money and pumping it into the real economy.

I got an email from our school district last week.

Apparently, because of the shutdowns, lockdowns and the killing of that which is normal, the one high school in our small town missed out on $80,000 in revenue for the various sports programs, and they’re asking for donations.

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