‘Lawyer up, and get out’: FBI first spurned Hunter Biden laptop, says Delaware tech repairman


by John Solomon, Just The News:

FBI “didn’t show an interest in any of the money” after seizing Hunter Biden’s laptop, according to John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer shop owner who reported it to authorities.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer shop owner who unwittingly came into possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, says an FBI agent initially gave a stern warning to his family when first offered a copy of the explosive evidence about Joe Biden’s son: “You better lawyer up and get out of my office.”

In a wide-ranging interview Monday with Just the News, Isaac described what concerned him most about the contents on the laptop, his extensive efforts to get authorities in law enforcement and Congress to pay attention to it and his anger at the news media, Democrats and even security officials who initially accused him of carrying out a Russian disinformation campaign or trying to make money off the discovery.

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U.S. intelligence has determined the laptop contents — now in the hands of the FBI and Congress and part of a criminal tax case — were not Russian disinformation. Isaac said he never took a dime for providing the materials to the FBI, Congress and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, not even when offered reimbursement for the hard drive equipment he used to make copies.

“Well, for somebody who’s not very political, I assume what happened to me was the quintessential political hit job, to have that many people come out, without even talking to me, or having a conversation without doing a single background check,” he told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“I still feel a little bit upset about that,” he added. “I have people that I’ve known for a long time, they’re convinced that I’m a tool, or I’ve been a pawn or I got huge payout. And it’s completely decimated my business. I had to leave town.”

Isaac said the efforts “tagging me to Russia” were insulting, given that his father and grandfathers served in the military dating to World War II. He said he believed the attacks were just an outgrowth of the false Russia collusion story used to vilify President Trump at the start of his presidency.

“I get why they [critics] did it,” he said. “It’s topical. Everybody’s scared of Russia, Russia, Russia. And why not, you know, if it worked four or six years ago, try it again.”

Isaac said one of his biggest disappointments was the FBI’s behavior when his family offered the contents of the hard drive to agents.

Isaac said a man identifying himself as Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop and other water-damaged computer equipment in early spring 2019 and failed to pick it up, even after signing a document declaring it would become his shop’s property in 90 days.

After the 90 days passed, Isaac said he examined the laptop contents and was troubled by what he found: explicit sex photos and evidence of large, suspicious foreign transactions involving the Biden family and Ukraine, China and Russia. He said he asked his father, an Air Force veteran, for advice in summer 2019, and his father went to the FBI in Albuquerque, N.M., in September 2019 with a copy of the laptop contents.

Isaac, who is visually impaired, said he had no doubts the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden after inspecting its contents.

“I have no doubt in my mind,” he said. “Probably about within 30 minutes of performing the data transfer, I had been able to verify that the person that was in the shop was indeed the person that was on the computer and the owner of the computer.”

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