Here’s Why the Democrats and Half of the Republicans Want to Impeach Trump – It Has to do with Their Hate for Him and America


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

We reported that the Congressional criminals allowing the Biden election steal to move forward are now planning on impeaching President Trump again on false charges.

Why would they do this?

We know the Democrats and most of the Republicans hate President Trump. He stood for the average American. He stood up for Americans and didn’t go to Washington to enrich himself but to enrich the average American and bring pride back to America.


President Trump hoped to drain the swamp but he and America never knew how corrupt the cesspool in Washington really was. Now after doing all he can to help America – protect its citizens, increase the economy, allow Americans to keep more of their own money, protect its borders, create peace deals and bring its soldiers home, the globalists and deep state scum despise him. He was successful and too popular for standing up to the corruption and for Americans.

So they are going to impeach him with 11 days left in his Presidency:

Why would they do this?

The President just won the 2020 election with the most legitimate votes of any US president in history.  More than 74 million Americans voted for President Trump.  But the Democrats and the Biden campaign stole it.  We’ve pointed out millions of votes that were fraudulent and when addressed would easily give the election to President Trump.  The fraud in three states alone when properly if ever addressed would give the win to President Trump:

The Democrats and many Republicans want President Trump impeached so if their steal is ever legitimately exposed and addressed, they will prevent the impeached President Trump from being removed from office.

These Deep State crooks don’t believe in the rule of law, they believe in twisting the law and breaking the law for their own benefit.

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