Digital Vaccines: Behavior Modification To Fuel Cybernetic Transformation


by Sayer Ji, Green Med Info:

50-slide presentation link:

  • The government of Japan envisions a future where humans will “live” as avatars by 2050.
  • Their Moonshot R&D program advances the idea of Society 5.0 where people are disconnected from physical bodies and minds in time and space. How do they plan to get there? How does fin-tech plan to reduce “life” to a virtualized replica? How will the billionaires make money along the way?


  • We’ll be talking about digital twinning in relation to gamified behavior regulation, wearables, and bio-nano-technology.
  • A big piece of the puzzle is control of the food system, something the farmers in India are keenly aware of. Bill Gates, food-tech, Big Pharma, and the video game industry are working together in unexpected ways.
  • We’ll use Fooya, a new “digital vaccine” developed in partnership with Carnegie Mellon as a lens to examine these developments.

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