The Leftist Obsession With Parler Reveals Their Infatuation With Thought Control


by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

In my recent article ‘Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade’ I outlined the realities behind power structures and how people dominate other people by conditioning them with false assumptions and misplaced fears. For example, many people make themselves easy to control by remaining dependent on governments during crisis events and emergencies; if you actually believe the government will protect you from any and all eventualities then why would you ever learn to protect and provide for yourself? The infantization of a society makes citizens easy to dominate.


Another example would be instilling a fear of “standing out” among one’s peers – Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of being seen as aberrant or in opposition to the “majority” and will seek to fit in, even when they fundamentally disagree. A ruling elite merely need to manufacture the assumption or impression that the “majority” of the population are in agreement with oppressive measures. Even if this is not the case, the perception of a majority can be used to control those people that would otherwise rebel.

Controlling a population is more about thought control or “perception management” than it is about direct force. Power is an illusion, no large group of people can be controlled by force alone; eventually, they will find a way to wear down the totalitarian system and destroy it. So, the people must be tricked into enslaving themselves and each other. The people must police the very prison they are trapped in, otherwise they could simply walk away anytime they wished. It’s the only way a tyranny can survive in the long term.

The political left and the social justice cult have been particularly interested in the concept of thought control lately, or, at least, they are much more open about discussing their private obsessions these days. I have to say, their rhetoric in not at all surprising, but I think some analysis is needed to understand the root of their ideology and how they are able to rationalize their behavior.

I was watching an interview on MSNBC with an activist (fake journalist) by the name of Ben Collins who almost exclusively produces hit pieces and hatchet jobs on conservatives and the alternative media. His focus is generally on what he calls “disinformation” and “conspiracy theory”; in other words, his job is to identify what totalitarians would refer to as “wrong think”. The discussion centered on the social media website Parler and how it represents a “threat” to our “democracy”. You can see the interview for yourself HERE.

Collins is not all that interesting as an individual and he appears to be more of a mouthpiece than a thinker. His work is very similar to the SPLC’s in terms of tone and lack of tangible arguments; it is basic low brow propaganda revolving around little to no evidence or facts (i.e. propaganda for stupid people as opposed to carefully crafted propaganda designed to trick smarter people). He often uses omission of important details that might provide the viewer or reader with a clearer understanding of the subject matter. That said, this specific interview fascinated me because of how transparent he was in his lies, and how honest he was (perhaps unwittingly) in his agenda.

The initial goal of MSNBC and other establishment outlets was obviously to try to spread disinformation on Parler. When Parler’s traffic began to explode months ago I think the media’s intent was to slow the bleeding from sites like Twitter and Facebook. They were unsuccessful.

Today, there is a deeper issue of thought control involved. Alternative tech sites are going to continue to grow and establishment tech sites are going to continue to shrink. Lackeys and hacks like Collins now have to use a different strategy – Painting conservative platforms as “dangerous threats” to our society, perhaps with the intent of getting them shut down.

First, Collins employs the standard attack that social justice mobs were using to vote brigade the Parler App. When Parler began to receive more widespread attention, leftists conjured false claims that the website was not “user friendly” and that private data was “easily hacked”. Collins then tries to frighten potential conservative users by mentioning that Parler “asks for a drivers license”; of course, what he fails to mention is that this is only when you are applying for a special verification badge. He also fails to bring up the fact that Twitter does the EXACT SAME THING when you apply for “Blue Checkmark” status, and even then, if you don’t have the right politics Twitter is unlikely to give you verification anyway.

Already, Collins has exposed himself as a low credibility analyst; but here is where things get crazy…

As usual, identity politics enters the discussion as Parler is accused of being a haven for “racism”, but not real free speech. Now, I want to reiterate that “racism” and “hate speech” are typical thought control buzzwords of the political left. There is no such thing as “hate speech”, at least not in a constitutional sense. Free speech means you are allowed to say and think whatever you like as long as you are not making direct threats or spreading outright lies about a person to harm their reputation.

In a free society, you are allowed to not like a person because of their skin color or cultural differences. This is the cost of freedom; sometimes people are free to think in ways you disagree with or even abhor.

I abhor communists, but I actually prefer that they be free to make their insane arguments publicly; they only sabotage themselves. Leftists, on the other hand, do not believe in free speech, they believe in selective free speech, and this becomes evident as you watch the Collins interview.

Hate speech is code for “speech that we are allowed to censor”. Leftists view speech that hurts a person’s feelings as being exactly the same as punching that same person in the face or threatening their life. It is a bizarre conflation that we would usually expect to see in the thinking of children, but in this case it is full grown adults acting as if their personal feelings are more important than our freedoms.

In order to disrupt speech that offends their tender emotions, leftists consistently misapply accusations of racism and hate speech as a tool to silence opposition. Everything is racist, according to these lunatics, therefore everything can be censored if they deem it necessary. And, of course, they have declared THEMSELVES the arbiters of what is racist and what is not, therefore they become the arbiters of who gets to speak and what social platforms are allowed to exist.

Collins then laments the idea that debates between conservatives and leftists will no longer be commonplace on websites like Facebook or Twitter because people are migrating to their own political bubbles. Again, what he doesn’t mention is that conservatives and moderates are leaving Twitter and Facebook in droves because they are being censored or suspended from those sites on a regular basis. How can one have a fair debate on Twitter with a leftist when the leftist gets special treatment from the moderators? What if he has the option of flagging everything you say as “hate speech” or “dangerous speech” and having your arguments removed?

As I’ve noted in the past, private property rights do indeed apply to websites, and even though leftists don’t believe in such rights, they will use the private property argument to defend Big Tech censorship. Of course, there is a difference between a megasite like Twitter and other smaller platforms; namely that Twitter and many Big Tech companies enjoy massive tax incentives and welfare from the government. Once there are billions of taxpayer dollars involved in the upkeep of a social media company, I don’t think that their website qualifies anymore as “private property”.

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