by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Oh the wonderful world of Mr. Globaloney; it never ceases to shock, to entertain, and to surprise with its unbridled hubris and somersaultingly insane policies. In this case, the particular Mr. Globaloney that we’re concerned with is Dr. Ernst Stavro Blohfeld, self-appointed Fuehr… er… head and founder of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion).  Dr. Blohf….

(Heavy sigh).

…I did it again… (sigh)…

Folks. I apologize. It’s become extremely difficult for me to tell the difference between the World Economic Forum, and the shadowy international criminal organization of super-wealthy eggheads, banksters, and billionaire busibodies that occasionally surfaces in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and their derivative films, the organization known as SPECTRE. And similarly, it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish between the fictional head of said fictional organization, Ernst Stavro Blohfeld, founder and self-appointed leader of SPECTRE, and Dr. Klaus Schwab, founder and Fuehr… er,… leader of the World Economic Forum.

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But face it: why pay money to see a James Bond film featuring Blohfeld and his “organization,” when you can simply turn on the television, or read an article about Schwab and the World Economic Forum for free? Someone needs to buy Schwab a white cat, and the resemblance with Blohfeld will be complete.

Well, with that apology for constantly confusing Blohfeld with Schwab, and SPECTRE with the World Economic Forum on the record, let’s turn to today’s article, shared by K.M.

SPECTRE and Blohfeld, it seems, are caught …  (Sigh. Start again Farrell).

The World Economic Forum and Dr. Schwab, it seems, are caught in a bit of a cash flow problem, and are apparently having to “reset” themselves and “downsize” their staff of stakeholders according to the article:

Now, this is juicy:

Klaus Schwab, who is trying to take over the world with his Stakeholder Economics & Fedualist-Socialism, has suddenly realized that his efforts to destroy capitalism as we know it is also undermining his precious World Economic Forum (WEF), which has been forced to start to slash its workforce. Since Europe has followed his recommendations, his Fourth Industrial Revolution gathering can no longer be held in Davos or on the Bürgenstock, and he has been forced to move it to Singapore because of the coronavirus crisis he has helped to exploit.

I warned at our World Economic Conference, which we had the largest audience in our history opposite of Schwab, that these people think they can destroy the world economy and “build back better” by redirecting how the economy should work from their elitist position as overlords. Schwab’s “Great Reset” is also impacting his WEF. The pandemic is forcing layoffs at the WEF — something that will benefit humanity! It allegedly seems to be Edleman who has come up with this marketing plan they are all following.

It has been a major turning point for Schwab and his WEF, which has been used to only success and countries pouring money into his coffers. The World Economic Forum has cut around 9% of its jobs in recent months and it seems to be entering a crash mode itself into 2022. That is good news for the rest of us.

Not only that, but SPECTRE… er… the World Economic Forum appears to be a very select country club, because its membership fees,as the article notes, are between 60,000 to 600,000 Swiss francs per year, or between about $67,000 to $670,000 per year.

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