Shocking interview: Bobby Piton reveals PHANTOM voters, “zombie” voters and how Dems have rigged nearly every election for decades


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

If you’ve been wondering where all the extra votes came from that were used to illegally rig the election for Joe Biden, financial analyst Bobby Piton has found the answer.

Watch his full explanation in the Brighteon Conversations interview shown below. In it, Bobby Piton discusses:

  • Phantom voters: How they’re created and used.
  • Zombie voters: Dead voters from neighboring counties, reanimated in a different county.


  • How vote tabulation machines are programmed to find opportunities for real-time vote swapping.
  • How Democrats have used phantom voters for 30 years to rig elections across the nation.
  • How Democrat-controlled counties used different spellings of the same names for real people to cast fake votes that alter election outcomes.

Watch the full interview here:

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