Latest “Russian” hack most likely US Intel False Flag [Video]


by Seraphim Hanisch, The Duran:

Here we go again. Allegations that agencies from the Russian Federation pulled off a major hack into the computers of half a dozen various American security agencies is the newsmaker again. Regrettably, NewsMax fell for the bait offered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


Consider the weight of the allegations, but also consider the barely subtle disclaimer that the real newspiece offers. There were different opinions as to the origin of the hack. Mike Pompeo notes this is a significant effort but he only says ‘we THINK very clearly this was an act of the Russians.”

To give Newsmax credit, the first person interviewed, one Fred Fleitz, a former Chief of Staff with the National Security Council, made it clear that the alleged origin of the hack is not known beyond the shadow of a doubt to be Russia. He notes that the Trump team thought it might be China at play here.

While Mr. Fleitz acknowledges the notion that there are hackers for hire out to the government of the Russian Federation, this, too is nothing more than an allegation, and all the more unclear as applied to the screamer headline “Russian hackers did something new.”

There are some very good reasons why one can suspect this is not an act perpetrated by the Russian government:

  1. Such a hack coming at the end (most likely) of Donald Trump’s presidency makes no sense. President Trump has both acted tough with the Russian Federation, and also worked quietly on whatever mutual projects the two governments can do, such as anti-terrorism efforts.
  2. Assuming that Joe Biden is indeed the new President-to-be, a hack authorized by the Russian State now accomplishes nothing but perhaps seal the idea that the Russian government is just plain intent on being a bad neighbor. There is nothing to suggest anything like this. As one can read from any number of my own or other author’s pieces about Russia here on The Duran, Russia has no bones to pick with the West, despite the sanctions. These sanctions have mostly helped Russia come into her own as an independent and strongly sovereign world power.
  3. The expected approach Joe Biden / Kamala Harris / Clinton / Soros surrogates / all the rest of the globalist elite would take with Russia is hostile, far more so than was the case during President Trump’s administration. While the US did Russia no favors in the big picture, unfortunately, President Trump acted with respect and a willingness to enter a much better relationship with Russia, without forcing that country to accede to Western terms. It was Trump, after all, who noted that Crimea is Russian.
  4. The American CIA and intel agencies still like to poke the bear more than the bear likes to poke the eagle. The timing of this “hack” story is perfect for one thing and one thing only: to gin up suspicion and bad blood towards the Russians, to give Biden and his globalist elite handlers a reason to do things to Russia. Bad things.

Russia has no cause to make itself a pariah by sponsoring cyberhacking operations against US interests. The level of expertise of Russian espionage and cyberwarfare would also be such that they would not be detected so easily, and the timing – doing such an op now – is so poorly done that there is simply no rational reason to believe that the Russian government is playing games with American government agency computer systems.

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