Imposter Joe Biden must be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated for the good of the Republic


    NOTE: Thanks to Mike Adams for the shout out during his December 17th Situation Update

    from Natural News:

    “As head of the Democrat Party, career political criminal Joe Biden is the primary perpetrator of the greatest vote fraud and election theft in U.S. history. Incarceration, not the inauguration, of Biden is the only acceptable outcome of the 2020 POTUS election. Likewise, the Democrat Party must be dissolved for the good of the country. As the figurehead of what is essentially a RICO-level criminal organization, Biden’s best chance to avoid capital punishment would be to identify all of his fellow communists who are planning the total overthrow of the American Republic. Many of them have already been implicated by their treacherous collusion with the Chinese Communist Party. Co-conspirator Kamala Harris must also be held accountable for this highly consequential election theft that included spohisticated cyber-crimes. Only when these two communist stooges are singing like canaries can President Trump eradicate the countless coup plotters, dangerous traitors, and enemy turncoats among US.”

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    — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer
    *SOTN Editor’s Note: Many of Biden’s apologists defend him by saying he knew nothing of the massive vote fraud that was carried out specifically in the six to eight primary battleground states. The hard evidence clearly proves that this unparalleled fraud was perpetrated by the Democrat Party of which Biden is the head. And, since this election theft has been vigorously covered up by the Democrat Party and DNC, Biden is directly responsible for this ongoing cover-up just as he is also culpable for the actual election crimes committed under his thoroughly corrupt leadership.
    State of the Nation

    The United States of America is facing the gravest constitutional crisis since the Civil War. If this election debacle is not justly and swiftly resolved, it will devolve into a Second Civil War.
    The whole world just witnessed Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris outright steal the 2020 POTUS election via a highly organized RICO-level criminal enterprise formed explicitly for that purpose.

    This Democrat-run international crime syndicate closely collaborated with some of America’s most scheming enemies. The Deep States of the United Kingdom, Communist China and Israel also colluded with the Democrat Party as did many international NGOs that operate under the rubric of the New World Order globalist cabal.

    The sheer depth and breadth of this vast criminal conspiracy to steal the POTUS election can only be gauged by the number of globalist institutions and international organizations that participated in this ongoing crime wave washing over the USA.

    For example, the entire mainstream media — WORLDWIDE — has proved to be a pivotal co-conspirator in both the commission of the myriad election crime sprees as well as in the conduct of the highly coordinated cover-up. In point of fact, without such an effective cover-up, such a transparent election theft could never have been successful thus far.

    It’s critical for every American to know that because of the profound degree of criminality associated with this election theft, President Trump has already won by default.

    Consider the following irrefutable conclusion that is actually the product of settled law which was ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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