Government Credibility Is Now Zero


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

It’s over folks.

There is now video evidence of poll workers pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under tables after forcing all the observers to leave by claiming they done for the night — under the ruse of a claimed water main break which was later demonstrated to be a flat-out lie — and then running them through the machines.

Not only one camera either — four.  Standard security setup; covers the entire room.  It’s like watching Joe Thug rob a bank in high-rise color video and then having him try to tell the jury he didn’t do it.


Anyone who doesn’t immediately throw a flag on the election in light of that which we were repeatedly told did not happen and then just witnessed on video is a flat-out 5-alarm psychotic mess.

What’s worse is that Georgia’s government machinery, up to and including the Secretary of State and Governor either knew or trivially could have looked to see if there was evidence prior to now, and didn’t.  For a full month they refused to look instead claiming there had been no fraudulent activity.

Again, this includes a Republican Governor.

This is the same government machinery, I remind you, that wishes to assure you that a Covid-19 vaccine is “safe and effective” yet passed legislation decades ago to make it impossible for you (or your next of kin) to sue the company that made it if it isn’t.

And this is the very same government that has not one, not two but three separate agencies — the CDC, FDA and NIH — that all state there is no effective early intervention therapy or prophylaxis for Covid-19, if you get sick you should go home and wait until you choke before doing anything more than eating chicken soup despite that being a well-documented lie too.

Oh by the way over 250,000 Americans who apparently believed and followed that advice are dead as a direct consequence.

Let that sink in folks — the very same government that just got caught ballot-stuffing after repeatedly, for nearly a month, denying that it happened has killed five Vietnam’s worth of Americans or about half of those killed in WWII through deliberate malfeasance so they could continue to stoke fear at “Warp Speed” all the while telling you that wearing a mask for a mere six weeks would not only stop the pandemic it was better than said vaccine.

The very same CDC Director who said that five months ago while under oath before Congress is still allowed to set policy instead of his ass being locked up in prison for both perjury and manslaughter writ large.

This extends all the way down to each and every one of the 50 states and their counties, including mine.

They didn’t even need to load you into boxcars to kill you off; they just sent you home and let you choke to death from a bug that in fact does have treatments that often do work yet you were in all cases not told about them by said government and health care systems — all so they could make $100 million a day on worthless tests and you’d be frightened enough to let them stick you with a partially-tested vaccine they went “all-in” on insisting you need — just like they did in 1976.

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