by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

A massive food shortage is looming according to the country’s food banks. This food shortage is intentional and part of the plan to coerce people into taking the new COVID-19 vaccine.

We have been warning of this since the ruling class puppets, following the commands of their elitist handlers started commanding meat processing plants to shut down over the coronavirus scamdemic, and farmers were told to destroy their harvests. 


The Weaponization of Food: Starvation to Manufacture Compliance

This has actually taken longer than anticipated for it to come to fruition, likely because humans have continued to pull together and help each other as the government looks for more ways to destroy us. Once people go to their local grocery store to see empty shelves, there will be panic like we have never seen.

Americans are depending on food banks and pantries across the country more so than ever before as they are forced out of work and to destroy their own livelihood to “stay safe” from COVID-19. Unfortunately, such heavy reliance on the food banks also means these places are being depleted of resources quickly.

Food banks across Texas, for example, are already preparing for food shortages between now and the early months of 2021. In addition to more Texans needing consistent access to food, three key federal and state programs that enabled food banks in-state to keep up with the demand this year are about to end. –Yahoo

“Food insecurity is twice as high as before the pandemic. We’ve had a lot of federal aid and that’s all going away at the end of the year,” Celia Cole, CEO of Feeding Texas (which coordinates the 21 food banks in the state) said to the Texas Tribune. “We are facing a kind of a food cliff and we are worried of how long we are going to be able to keep up with demand without the help of the federal government.”

There will, more likely than not, be push to weaponize food and manufacture consent from the public to take the COVID-19 vaccine, or worse: submit to total slavery by accepting the new digital dollar, one world currency that will be tracked, traced, monitored, and cut off if you so much consider disobeying the rulers.

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