A Turning Point: Fraud Evidence Pours Out in Battleground States


by Barbara Boyd, LaRouche PAC:

If you try to find out what is happening in the various lawsuits in the battleground states and in the battleground state legislatures concerning the ballot fraud coup of November 3, 2020 and continuing, it is not an easy task. Solid investigations take time and thought. Witnesses have to be coaxed out of fear and come forward when they know they will be doxed, harassed, and threatened. The President’s countercoup has been taking place amidst the four-year sustained coup against him which now involves complete and total censorship of any positive news about him and harassment and threatened violence against those supporting him or simply stating what they have seen.

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) is sitting on its hands with Attorney General Bill Barr issuing a statement Tuesday, equal parts lawyerly and cowardly, saying that fraud significant enough to overturn the election has not been found to date. When the President’s lawyers shot back that not one of their witnesses had been interviewed, Barr hastily shot back, saying the DOJ is and would be investigating.

Yet, despite this, in the past few days huge progress is now being made, both in the lawsuits and in efforts to have Republican legislators recognize the massive fraud and act accordingly in directing their electors in the Electoral College vote for president. Moreover, given the nature of the explosive disclosures by whistleblowers and witnesses over the past few days, there is little chance that this battle will ever be ceded, even if full exposure of the fraud extends beyond the January 20 inauguration date of the fake President Joe Biden.

A new American Revolution is underway in which resolute citizens are moving to educate themselves, to become the 21st Century Latin Farmers, who, like their forefathers, through superior intellect and strength of character, will overthrow that oligarchic superpower known as the modern British Empire, creating a new birth of freedom. There is no turning back now.

State legislatures, beginning with Pennsylvania on November 25 and followed by Arizona on November 30 and Michigan on December 1, have heard massive evidence of fraud from witnesses—fraud of such significance as to change the outcome of the election in the President’s favor. The Michigan hearings will continue in the State House on December 2. Now citizens are demanding that the state legislatures move to instruct their electors to the Electoral College to cast their votes for Donald Trump, and in Pennsylvania such an effort is actively underway. Lawsuits are moving forward in Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan. Citizens continue to rally in the streets and at state capitals in major numbers and to flood their legislators with hundreds of thousands of calls demanding that they stand up for the Republic and recognize President Trump’s election victory.

In addition to censorship, defamation, and threats, an aspect of the psychological warfare against the President and his supporters involves British and American intelligence assets planting false evidentiary trails and leading honest citizens down internet rabbit holes of unending, fruitless, and impotent speculations.

Typical is the explosive claim of potential electoral interference by China and Iran, found in Sidney Powell’s otherwise hugely significant lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia. Amidst well-documented incidents of ballot stuffing and documented incidents of vote rigging involving Dominion Voting Systems, an anonymized affidavit from a U.S. government cyber expert claims that internet traffic has been observed between Dominion and servers in Serbia, Iran, and China. There is no demonstration that any of this “traffic” had anything to do with Dominion’s operations in Michigan or Georgia on November 3.

Systems Prone to Fraud

There is no question that the three major voting systems employed in the United States—Dominion, ES&S, and Hart InterCivic—and Smartmatic software, in various older and other installed iterations, are uniformly prone to fraud and hacking. That has been proved repeatedly already by white-hat hackers and credible investigators such as Harri Hursti. A Hursti affidavit, attached as an exhibit in the Powell lawsuits, details multiple vulnerabilities in the Dominion devices as installed in Georgia for the November 3, 2020 election. That affidavit should, in and of itself, trigger a forensic audit of the Dominion system without reference to Hugo Chavez’s activities, 14 years ago, in Venezuela, in 2006.

There are no real security checks on administrators in any of these systems and there are multiple ways in which votes can be fixed and switched. A forum conducted by the Schiller Institute on November 25 featured a thorough exposition on this subject in the context of the ongoing coup against Donald Trump. Testimony in the Pennsylvania legislature’s hearing included the fact that multiple keys to the entire system had been stolen prior to the election, and Gregory Stenstrom, a cyber security expert, reported that 47 USB cards from the election had gone missing. He also witnessed a vendor of Dominion machines and local election officials download and update counting machines, in violation of election system protocol, and the comingling of machine jump drives, also in violation of election protocols, rendering audits impossible without direct forensic access to the machines.

All of these systems are owned by private hedge funds with multiple interfaces with the world’s oligarchy. Therein lies the problem. They will sell their intellectual property to virtually any state actor. Local and national governments, aside from the black operators of the intelligence community, are at their mercy. Governments, other than the intelligence agencies which use them, do not regulate them in any respect and, in the various U.S. states, their operators, rather than state election officials, are actually on the ground, directing and implementing the counting of the vote.

With respect to Dominion, there are numerous claims out there that Eric Coomer, a developer and patent holder on Dominion devices and systems used in the November 3 election, participated in an Antifa phone call in which he bragged that he fixed the November election. The seriousness of this claim requires immediate FBI investigation.

A Replay of the Fabricated ‘Russian Hack’?

It is this context which calls into question the sudden and strange emergence of the Communist bogeyman in Powell’s pleadings. For example, the most notable name concerning Smartmatic software, the target in Powell’s lawsuit, is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, the man who runs George Soros and the man who has played a role in running fraudulent elections worldwide through operations of private companies. Hugo Chavez, upon whom the Powell lawsuits lavish way too much attention, was nothing but a British agent, deployed to secure the hot drug money so essential to the continuing functioning of the City of London.

The intelligence community of the United States, through the National Endowment for Democracy, the military, the CIA, and the NSA, has repeatedly rigged results in foreign countries. Ask yourself this question: If Mr. Chris Krebs, the now fired director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at Homeland Security, was charged with hardening all election infrastructure in every state against foreign attacks, doesn’t this government agency and others it works with have far more knowledge about how to synchronize an attack across six U.S. states, all of which use a mix of different voting processes and methods, at about the same time, than some foreign actor?

Could it be that we are witnessing, in some of these false trails, the same players who fabricated the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016? Why, if we can show that every tool employed by Five Eyes in regime change operations worldwide, including military-grade full-spectrum information warfare, has been turned against Donald Trump for four years, does anyone believe that the final stage of the coup, a fraudulent election, would feature an exotic foreign Communist conspiracy?

A sane investigation of cyber manipulations which took place on November 3 would start right here, focused on that Ninth Circle of Dante’s hell known as the Washington Beltway. What are the current tools used by our own agencies to rig foreign elections? What does the NSA say about activities taking place across the internet and otherwise on November 3?

Massive Evidence of Fraud Grows Daily

With respect to ballot stuffing, the amount of evidence is now exploding in the courtrooms and in the state legislatures. In Wisconsin, for example, the recount just finished. You probably read the derisive accounts in the media: Trump Campaign paid $3 million but came out on the short end because Biden gained votes. Turns out, to the contrary, that the Wisconsin statutory scheme allows immediate court challenges based on the recount. Some 220,000 ballots have been challenged based on the recount and will now be subject to a lawsuit, filed December 1, with the Wisconsin Supreme Court seeking to overturn the election.

At a press conference of the Amistad Project on December 1, a postal contractor said that he had driven a truckload full of filled-in and completed ballots, numbering in the range of 188,000 to 288,000, from New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where the trailer carrying the ballots disappeared. Other postal workers in Wisconsin and Michigan told of an organized scheme to back-date late-arriving ballots and to simply throw Trump ballots out.

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