2020 Was A Revolution


    by Justin O’Connell, Gold Silver Bitcoin:

    2020 was a revolution. Here is what actually happened.

    The IMF-dubbed Great Lockdown saw fear taking the front seat and the social contract rewritten posthaste.

    At first, you stayed at home as germophobia gripped society. Leaders had determined who was essential and who was not. No man deems another man ‘non-essential.’

    Your “new normal” became clear. In order to leave your home, you would need a ‘vaccine passport.’ As Bloomberg wrote: “It became commonplace for authorities to track where people went and who they met…”

    Scientific Dogma was in the driver’s seat. The corporate messengers of anti-social distancing, flat curves, and much of the science used to justify the ‘Great Lockdown’ forbade discussion and debate. We did not ‘follow the science’ nor ‘trust the experts’ in 2020, for without an open discussion and debate, there is no science.

    Your reaction to a virus with an overwhelming survival rate for most people set off ‘The Great Reset’ and a worldwide depression. This resulted in further consolidation of global resources to a tiny group.

    They will soon sell out of their stocks near the top of the stock market, setting Main Street investors up for a bloodletting, and then top corporations will buy up your block on the cheap. Landlords will need to sell, since work was verboten in 2020.

    The pseudo-economics of ‘Modern Monetarism’ (historically known as, ‘command and control’ economics) has begun to destroy national currencies, inordinately affecting the poor.

    Now you know.

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