Voting Equipment Found Dumped On Roadside In Georgia


from InfoWars:

Sec. of State claims old machine out of commission, did not affect 2020 election.

A man found discarded voting terminals behind a bar in Georgia Thursday, in yet another bizarre election development coming out of the state plagued with voting irregularities.

According to WTOC, the man found the equipment in a field in Garden City (Chatham County) outside a business called the Blueberry Hill Bar and Grill.


WTOC reports the Georgia Secretary of State’s office confirmed the machines appeared to be “older voting equipment – not equipment used this year during the elections.”

The man who found the voting machine said he immediately phoned Garden City police, and subsequently shared his info with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

The Secretary of State’s office also confirmed the equipment should have been stored in a secure warehouse facility with other older equipment, begging the question as to how or why the equipment was found dumped.

In comments Thursday, the Secretary of State’s office claimed the old voting machine was out of commission and no longer used in the state, and stated definitively, “There is no way it could have impacted the 2020 election…”

“The Secretary of State’s Office is looking into the circumstances of the discovering alongside a highway of a no-longer used voting machine that appears to be part of a shipment of defunct equipment heading to storage at the Port of Savannah. Machines of this type are no longer used in Georgia. There is no way it could have impacted the 2020 election because it does not print ballots, and this state has switched entirely to voting on paper ballots.”

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