No Transition in Sight? Melania Trump Hasn’t Reached Out to Jill Biden, Media Says


from Sputnik News:

US President Donald Trump has so far refused to concede defeat at the 2020 election, while some world leaders have already congratulated his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Even as US Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been declared president-elect by major media outlets in the country, the current First Lady of the United States Melania Trump hasn’t yet reached out to “first lady-elect” Jill Biden, CNN reports.


According to the media outlet, while four years ago Melania Trump was enjoying tea at the White House at the invitation of then-FLOTUS Michelle Obama, a source privy to Melania’s daily schedule said that “there is very little in the way of change taking place at all”.

“It’s my understanding that it’s business as usual in the East Wing,” the source said. “I’m not sure it’s fair for anyone to expect them to start transitioning when the President has not yet conceded.”

Anita McBride, who used to serve as Laura Bush’s Chief of Staff, has also reportedly argued that “this moment is more complicated”, noting that Melania “reaching out” before her husband, US President Donald Trump, has conceded “could be seen as going completely against what the President and the administration are doing”.

Meanwhile, a source “familiar with Melania Trump’s thinking” claimed that the FLOTUS will comply “when the time does come to acquiesce”, the media outlet adds.

If the President concedes, I’m sure the East Wing will be gracious and professional to the incoming administration, that’s just how they work,” the source said.

While Joe Biden has been proclaimed president-elect by the US media and has already been congratulated by some world leaders, such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron, US President Donald Trump has not admitted his defeat, with his campaign raising several legal challenges against the election results in a number of key swing states.

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