No Longer Trust ‘Elections’ in ‘Democracies’


from Silver Doctors:

Questioning whether the United States is a democracy is effectively forbidden in all major, and most minor, media in the US…

by Eric Zuesse

A Wikileaked U.S. diplomatic cable from the Embassy in Venezuela in 2006 includes allegations which suggest that any system of electoral vote-counting which relies upon anything other than recountable and physically stored paper ballots which were produced under the continuous simultaneous supervision of all Parties that are listed on the ballot should not be trusted, and this would basically exclude from being trustworthy all electoral systems which rely upon electronically recorded records.

This is a “CONFIDENTIAL” cable that was sent on 10 July 2006 by the U.S. Ambassador in Caracas Venezuela to 10 other embassies plus the EU plus U.S. SOUTHCOM (forces south of the U.S. border), plus the National Security Council inside the White House, plus the Vatican.

This cable, though it has been at Wikileaks ever since at least 27 July 2015 (and Wikileaks doesn’t indicate there the date when they first had published it), fortunately was recently discovered by Paul Craig Roberts, who published, from it, at his site, on November 20th, only an excerpt (which is the part that’s boldfaced here below), under the headline “Classified US Embassy Cable Proves Smartmatic’s Connection to Venezuela”, and he discussed that excerpt there, but the entire cable is crucially informative and deserves to be read; so, it will here be published complete, for the first time other than at Wikileaks itself. Unlike the Wikileaks publication of it, this republication of it is accompanied by links and explanations so that readers can more easily understand it and explore things in it such as the background and interconnections of key persons who are mentioned in it.

This will be the entire cable (without any added commentary), as published at least five years ago by Wikileaks — the only complete publication of it, other than that publication of it five years ago by Wikileaks.

The cable is about Smartmatic Corporation, which in 2014 became subordinated to SGO, a newly created holding company which is a partnership between “Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.” (Recently, on November 17th, Matthew Ehret headlined “Lord Malloch Brown Revealed: The British Hand Behind the Coup Shows Its Scales Again”.)

The information in this cable is the type of information-release which governments that are dictatorial want their publics never to know, and therefore it might exemplify why the U.S. and UK Governments are determined to destroy the international champion of democracy, Julian Assange, who was responsible for its release in 2015 (which was shortly after Malloch-Brown teamed-up with Mugica), and whom they have imprisoned for over a decade awaiting trial, and who could quite possibly die in prison, maybe without even having ever been convicted of anything, at all, by the U.S. regime, the UK regime, or any other Government (dictatorial or otherwise).

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