Market “Participants” Sell Off Their Silver Faster Than Walmart Sold Out Of The New Xbox!


from Silver Doctors:

It sure looks like the Cartel has finally called off the dogs, however, and that the bottom for silver is in…

Who called the dogs off?

This doesn’t look like a dead cat bounce:


That looks like a bottom to me.

The US dollar has barely budged:

More proof this is nothing more than a good old-fashioned woodshed beating.

They don’t even take silver behind it anymore, nor do they confine the beatings to the middle of the night.

Here’s an interesting divergence between copper and silver:

I know, right?

Copper is signaling that inflation is here, and silver, coin in-hand, one of the only two pure, counter-party risk free inflation hedges out there, along with gold, is being sold faster than the new Xbox at Walmart on Black Friday!


Just kidding.

Everybody knows the new Xbox has been sold out for weeks:

Black Friday included.

And it’s a good thing I don’t let my kids have one of those, either, or the PlayStation, or I’d be up the creek without a raft or something.

Because there’s something else interesting going on, so see if you can spot it:

The actual prices that people have paid and are paying for the new silver coin Xbox, in-hand, is nowhere near the spot price at Walmart!

Haven’t we heard that before?

Maybe, but where?


Probably nothing.

As is the spike in palladium:

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