GEORGIA: Numerous Boxes Of ‘PERFECTLY PRINTED OFF” Ballots That Were 100% Biden


by Tim Brown, DC Clothesline:

Well, things aren’t exactly as the media would have you believe, are they?  In fact, I’m one that has been extremely critical of President Trump, but come on!  We’ve known this for decades and exposed it for decades.  The question is whether or not those in authority are going to do their job and prosecute this criminal activity or merely use it to advance their political party.  My bet, given the current track record of the Trump administration, is that it will be the latter.


Look at this one case in Georgia:

Robin Hall is the 6th witness who saw perfectly marked mail-in ballots, with some batches 100% for Biden, which appear to have been printed rather than filled out by someone at home.

Hall shared a spreadsheet of the box numbers in questions.

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