Full transcript: Brannon Howse interview with General Thomas Mclnerney – 2020 election was “largest cyberwarfare attack on a democracy in history”


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Loads of bombshells in this interview. Full video embedded below the transcript. Originally aired Nov. 23, 2020. Covers HAMR (HAMMER), Scorecard, election theft, military intelligence, cyber warfare and more.

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General Mclnerney Interview with Brannon Howse, via WorldViewRadio.com


Brannon Howse: All right, folks, three-star General McInerney joins us today, Mary Fanning, Alan Jones. The breaking news that has distressed many, many of you. Our email, our text, our phones are blowing up. Talked to Peter pry this morning. Recorded Dr. Peter Pry’s weekly radio show that we produce here. We just released a new TV show by him, which is if North Korea is allowed to keep their nuclear weapons, they will use them. That’s the title of his new TV show produced here from our Memphis, Tennessee studios. That’s now available at WVWTV.com, but talking to him this morning, this has demoralized him. This has demoralized a lot of people. So, what is going on with the separation of Sidney Powell from the Trump legal team? Is there more to the story folks? Is there more to the story? What about the assault? There is a massive smear campaign against this woman, and so General McInerney will join us, Alan Jones, Mary Fanning. Time to alert your family and friends to tune into a VCY America station, one of these 53 stations carrying us across America, if not have them go to WorldviewRadio.com.

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General McInerney welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for making time for us today.

General Mclnerney: Thanks very much for having me Brannon.

Brannon Howse: All right, let’s start with you General. A lot of people are being demoralized by this because they listen to what she’s saying, her press conference is she’s going to really expose some stuff. She’s got a lot of stuff she’s said over and over. I wouldn’t say things if I couldn’t prove it, and sadly now we’re seeing that she’s being attacked. Now, I don’t know what the Trump administration has done. I don’t know that I would have done it this way from a public relations standpoint. I’m hoping that this is a separation so that she can be free General, to raise money, because I don’t think, from her statement, she was charging the Trump campaign or President Trump personally, privately. I think this maybe allows her to raise money. I also think perhaps, maybe, again this are my theories, this allows her to go after and sue Republicans. To go after even maybe the Republican Governor of Georgia. So, if that’s the case and she needs that separation. Great. Otherwise, what is going on here? I mean, the way they did this thing is left a lot of conservatives demoralized. Will you comment on all this plays?

General Mclnerney: Well, I think it’s all about nothing Brannon, and here’s why I say that. You pretty well got it. The fact is it’s obvious that Sidney has not been in government to learn the at least head on way of attacking an issue of what she’s been saying. She is spot on. She is going to be a historic figure in America’s history, and maybe it may turn out, which I think it will, that President Trump will exceed Lincoln as the number one president in rank, even with George Washington for what President Trump is going to have to do here. Sidney, within the campaign in different parts of the government, she was competing, and so they wanted to clarify, and she is not being paid, she’s doing this pro bono. She’s trying to get good Americans and patriotic Americans to contribute, and we should, there’s no question about it, but it’s much ado about nothing.

Her job is not going to change. She is going to do the things she wants, and she has the space, the distance she needs. Now, American, patriotic, Republicans, and independents, and Democrats that care about this country should be absolutely delighted with what she is doing, and this pronouncement. It initially shocked me a little bit, but then when I read it, got some winks from blinks, I understood it clearly. It has been one of those things that’s done, so she’s not competing with the campaign and the administration and those other loyal supporters of the president, and she can speak her money. That’s what we need right now. We need Americans that will speak their mind and tell us the truth. We have the greatest scam in our history going against us in this election and the voters, and we cannot ever let it stand. We must expose it, make it transparent, and let everybody know that what those that voted fairly and legally that their votes count.

Those thousands, millions really, that voted and didn’t, they don’t even have a name any of it. The fact is they were just stuffed in a ballot box and moved digitally on a server. Those people, we don’t want them to get credit. President Trump won in a landslide. Now we have to prove it. We have to lay it out. Fortunately, we have that information and we’re going to expose it. Not the three of us right now, the four of us right now, but we have people that have that information know about it, and that’s why I was able to announce the day before the election what the outcome would be. I know Mary and Alan did as well, and so Mary’s the one that got me involved with this. I’m deeply grateful.

I’m not in the election business. I’m a military analysts, but I also run a cloud company. I’m intimately familiar with the technology. I’m intimately familiar with cyberwarfare and this is the largest cyberwarfare attack on a democracy in history. For all those pundits and analysts would say, “Oh, that’s too big, we couldn’t do it”, et cetera. They did it. There’s no question about it. All those sniff test, none of the sniff test pass. Does it mean the future democratic campaigns will be run by one campaign stop, or four, or five with 14 vehicles blowing their horns. No press conference at all of any meaningful, and the candidate stays in the basement all the time. That’s not the model for future success, whether you have a pandemic or not, and everybody knows that it just doesn’t pass it. Then you put sleepy Joe in there, my goodness, against Donald Trump. There’s no comparison.

If we’re talking about Sidney in her role and why it’s so historic, because she’s going to expose these things, we’ve never seen this amount of cyber warfare. We saw Pete Sessions in 2018 down in Texas, a house member. He lost, he really won, but they use cyber warfare to beat him, and that’s what we saw in this election. It was a combination of course, with Hammer and Scorecard, It’s a combination of Dominion and their software and cheating that way, and what it is looking at like, particularly because Sidney has exposed it. This has been used for quite some time. The voting equipment that dominion produces and the software that is produced, not by them.

What I’m driving towards, because this all reflects around Sidney and in a great team she’s around and understanding what’s going on. I don’t want to say too much, but what she is doing is historic. This is a historic moment where the United States, every American, Democrat, Republican, independent, socialist, even those communists ought to be delighted that she is leading this charge and is candid and very forthright in telling the American people what the back style. We need expose it. We need to be transparent and change is not going to change much. Go ahead.

Brannon Howse: You just said, I don’t want to say too much, so you can, without saying more than you want to say, you can tell the American people in this audience, that there is a lot more that you know, and you’re confident from your military background, three stars retired, you run a cloud company, you know computers, you know information warfare, you know cyber hacking, you know how this operates, you were in the Pentagon over the nuclear weapons. With your background, you’re saying you have heard enough that you don’t want to talk about, but you have seen and heard enough to be confident that all of these lies about Sidney, and this is a conspiracy theory, and all the slurs and slander going on about her now. You General have seen and heard enough to verify the veracity and authenticity of this information, correct?

General Mclnerney: Absolutely! You summarized it very accurately. Now, let me give you a couple examples Brannon. My phone is hacked, one year I’m talking to you right now is hacked. That’s interesting. At different times they jam certain signals, so these are things I’ve seen. They put out an article today on George Soros being arrested and it went out and it’s incorrect, but they’ve already started their counter campaign. What I’m leaning towards is, what they say about Sidney is that’s how they operate. I’ll just say, since I think I know who the champion is running there. As Biden said, the most comprehensive cyber campaign ever in election campaign. I think know who’s running that, and I think that we’re going to see more and more of these George Soros, and they’re going to want to say the right put out this article that George Soros was arrested. No, that’s part of their grand game plan. Right didn’t know one I know, and none of us would put that out, but someone did. Why would they do that? Because they are trying to change the calculus and the thinking of the American people en masse.

Look at the 320 some million Americans that they’re trying to shape differently. Certainly the 160+ or so that voted, whatever that number out to be. It is obvious we are in a new game, and that’s why I was talking to someone from Georgia. You know the Dems are going to use Hammer and Scorecard, and they are going to use a Dominion to win the vote, to try to win the votes, but we’re going to stop them because we want them to know they’re listening on my phone and they’re listening to your program. We’re going to stop you. We know exactly what you’re going to do in Georgia, and we’re not going to let it happen. You can’t do what you did in the scale on just one state, because we’re going to be watching you.

Now, it may turn out that you may be watching with the stripe suit on. We may have already exposed you, so you’re going to get the privilege of watching the Georgia election in a stripe suit. That’s my objective is to make sure we get you there before you try to rake up the Georgia operation. They got two Marxists down there running against two great Republican Americans candidates. We’re going to focus everything on that, and you may have to back off now, but we may get you, we’d make close this door on you by then. I’m not in charge of that part of it, but I can tell you it’s going to happen very soon.

Brannon Howse: Oh, wow! Hold right there General, because I want to come back. I want to clarify this fake George Soros news story that he was arrested today, that started going viral on different social media platforms about an hour and a half ago, two hours ago is a fake news story. I called the Western district of Pennsylvania court, gave him the file number and they said, “Nope, that’s not real”. Not that name, not that person. Why are they doing this? We’ll tell you again when we come back.

Brannon Howse: Welcome back, glad you’re with us. Worldview radio website, WorldviewRadio.com. We’re live right now at WorldviewRadio.com/live on the VCY America Radio Network.

General McInerney joins me three stars, Mary fanning, she and Alan Jones is here. They broke the story in December 2015 General. The reason they’re going to join us here in just a minute, but we’re going to have to let the General go in a minute, but so I want to get him up in front here, and I want to make sure Mary and Alan were here as well to listen. This fake news story by George about George Soros being arrested, I called the Western district of Pennsylvania court. I gave him the file number, and said what do you have with this? And the person said that we don’t have that name on that file. So, this is something that was photo-shopped, apparently. We validated it with a phone call and discounted it immediately. I was texting with the General, talking with Mary, and we discounted it immediately by just doing what we do. Research, call the courts, not that hard.

Now, why are they doing this? General I guess they’re doing this because what they’d love for us to do is get excited about something and run with it on air or on our social media platform or wherever, and then they can use that to say, “Look at those folks, they’re crazy, they’re conspiracy theorists, they push fake news”. So, we have to be very careful because there is a full court press right now to discredit anyone that is speaking truth. Correct?

General Mclnerney: Absolutely, and that’s what they do. When they start challenging people and tearing down their reputations, like they have on Dennis Montgomery as a creator and original designer of the Hammer and Scorecard software. That means you’re doing well , and so when you hear these statements by some people, for instance, on a network, a prominent father of an anchor, said that Sidney was mentally ill, words out. That means Brannon, that you are doing very well, and so we’re seeing that kind of action taken by them. We’re seeing it by jamming my phone and listening on my phone and then putting articles out like George Soros, and which they want us to run and say were tin hats. Those guys are all kooks because they have designed a very good campaign to counter in the mainstream media. They bought off Fox News, and that was a George Soros, Rupert Murdoch relationship. When you have things like that, and I worked for Fox News for 16 and a half years, and you can’t get anybody to mention Hammer or Scorecard on it. It’s amazing. It’s not the Fox news I knew that Roger Ailes formed and created became number one. All these things are indicators of what’s going on out there.

The one that is really something is Chris Krebs, the director of the CIS, which is a Cyber Infrastructure Security agency said this was a perfect election. Please, please, that was part of draining the swamp, and the President did it very quickly, but it’s all these actions that we’re seeing, if people within the administration, that president hasn’t been able to drain the swamp yet are taking. It’s the taking down the CIA facility in Frankfurt, Germany of all places that was moving the data from the Dominion, the data into Frankfurt, tabulating it, bringing it back. Why? I think it was because of the Steve Ben and piece that I was on, in two o’clock the day before the election on the 2nd of November that spoke to them.

They knew that they could pick up their servers here in the Continental United States, CONUS as we say, and they immediately shipped it overboard, overseas, but the director of the CIA had to be part of that, or if she isn’t, someone has rogue elements in theirs, but US special ops forces have that data now.

Brannon Howse: Our people? The good guys?

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