Will the Worm Turn With the Election in Three and a Half Weeks, or Will Totalitarianism Consume This Country?


by Gary D. Barnett, Lew Rockwell:

“Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and dies with chaos.”

“The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosophers”. ~ Book by Will Durant, 1926.

When the coming election ballots are tallied, will total chaos be the result? Will criminal rioting, looting, assaults, and property destruction run rampant? Will mobs take over the cities in an attempt to cause havoc? Will the aftermath of this presidential circus be a time of terror and devastation? Will the country remain split, divided by political and false racist idiocy purposely stoked by the ruling class? Regardless of the outcome, or lack thereof, it seems evident that an utterly chaotic period will arise, and in turn will dramatically alter the face of America.

This outcome seems to be a certainty should the incumbent Trump get re-elected, or if he refuses to leave office due to the absurdity of the current flawed voting system, much of which has been caused by the ludicrous response to a fraudulent virus pandemic. Even if the democratic challenger is claimed to be the victor, mass rioting will most likely still occur. Also, with any long-term vote counting process, and risk of lengthy election investigations, felonious behavior by those being allowed by the state to pillage and plunder should be expected. In other words, prepare for violent pandemonium.

With mass rioting and lawlessness in the streets, expect state intervention in the form of militarized police, military reserves, and possible active national military deployment. Remember that Trump has already claimed that the military is ready to deploy to distribute a Covid vaccine, which means they are already prepared to take to the streets. If that happened, it would be a form of martial law that may be nationwide or restricted to the areas of most concern. Either way, the precedents set in the process would be horrendous. Initially, these thugs that have been terrorizing much of the country these past few months, may be allowed for a period of time to cause confusion and devastation in order to steer the people into asking for more government intervention and rule. None should be surprised if that turns out to be the case. In order for the state to gain a high degree of control over the herd, compliance by a large percentage of Americans is necessary, and fear of all the chaos, violence, and madness can be used to cause mass panic, thereby making it easier to corral the public. The tool of fear will be used over and over again until the people acquiesce to all mandates issued by the state, and voluntarily succumb to blind obedience.

The tethering of society is sought, and this can be accomplished by the use of fear, economic destruction, and then promises to protect and bail out all those that will become dependent on government for the necessities of life. This coronavirus plot for population control and global economic reset has been long in the making, and is a very multi-faceted plan based on the ability to create and perpetuate constant fear, forcing the people to desire and seek safety at the expense of liberty. One look at the past seven months should convince all thinking individuals that this plot has been extremely successful for the controlling ‘elite’ class and their enforcers in government. Most basic freedoms that have existed for centuries have been nearly eliminated in just a few months time. Many have predicted this kind of takeover by the state, but few could have expected it to happen in the blink of an eye, and without resistance.

This election coming up in a few days will be the turning point of this madness in my opinion. It will be used as a springboard to launch any number of nefarious plots meant to capture the psyche of the average person by inundating them with fear and horror at every turn. There will be riots, looting, burning, violence against innocents, new mandates of isolation, curfews, and vastly increased surveillance and enforcement. The next wave of this fake virus will be said to have arrived, causing even more panic. Since most of the people’s natural immune systems have already been greatly compromised, creating more virus panic in what will most likely be a very deadly flu season will be an easier task to accomplish this fall and spring. Continued economic destruction will occur, causing more business closures, more unemployment, more bankruptcy, and more poverty. Travel will be further restricted, and all movement will become more difficult. Hospitals once again will become emergency Covid centers instead of medical facilities, leaving the health care of much of the population lacking. The election fallout, and all these other things happening at once will weigh heavy on this population, causing additional problems not considered at this time. With these things all going on at the same time, the people will be ripe for a complete tyrannical takeover. That is exactly what the state desires.

There has been more pushback against this onslaught of tyranny as of late by people around the world, and this is troubling to the powerful controllers that wish to squelch any and all resistance to their rule. In order to stop the spread of dissent, and gain back control, the state needs to create so much confusion and fear that people will clamor for their ‘leadership’ and protection. That confusion and fear is coming soon, and will be deliberately levied against all of us.

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