Why Facebook’s Far Left, Activist “Fact-Checking” Groups, Like “Science Feedback” Should Scare The Hell Out Of Every American


by Patty McMurray, The Gateway Pundit:

Why are leftist, third-party “fact-checkers” being allowed to control the news cycle and to unfairly impugn conservative publishers on Facebook?

In 2016, only 9 days before the election, and without warning, the popular conservative, 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page received a notification from Facebook that their page with almost 1 million followers, (they now have almost 1.7 million followers) was UNPUBLISHED and would not be republished again.

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After Breitbart News wrote about Facebook shutting down their page for no reason, it was reinstated. Facebook’s only explanation was that “This was a mistake.”

So far, Facebook has not shut down their popular conservative page before the election, but instead, they’ve been hit with multiple, untrue fact-check violations by leftist, third party “fact-checkers,” causing traffic to their page to be significantly reduced. Is it a coincidence that traffic on their pro-Trump, Facebook page has been reduced by approximately 90% only months before a critical election?

False news or misinformation violations by third-party fact-checkers hired by Facebook gives them the green-light to “demote,” or hide posts, including valuable information that is of interest to Americans about the upcoming election. Much of the news coservative sites publish is news that the Democrat Party’s mainstream media refuses to publish or that exposes the media for intentionally distorting the news to paint a picture that is favorable to the Democratic Party.

100 Percent Fed Up – On Oct. 11, 100 Percent Fed Up received two “false news” violations for the same article on Facebook.

The violations were from the far-left activist “fact-checking” group, Science Feedback, and were both related to the same article they wrote about a Chinese virologist who fled China out of fear for her safety after claiming that COVID-19 was manufactured in China’s only biosafety level-4 super laboratory. The laboratory where the Chinese virologist allegedly worked, is only a few miles away from the Wuhan wet market, where Chinese officials claim the coronavirus emanated. Human infectious diseases are researched in the lab, including the novel coronavirus.

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