What’s left to say?


by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

When you’re a market “pundit” you’re supposed to talk about the market. But when you have an election of this importance lurking, talking about that election makes a lot of sense. Why? Because markets do indeed move based on political reasons as well as fundamentals, and what have you.

In the past couple weeks, the media, the market wizards and many others have not only flipped course on the winner of the election, they’ve also flipped on “who’s better for the market.”  This astounds me greatly.

Maybe someone slipped me some magic mushrooms and I’ve been tripping for the past 4 years, but may I ask a question?  What was the DOW trading at on Nov 4th 2016? My historicals show 17,888. Then by February of this year, it was at 29,415.

That’s what, 64%??  So the market went up 64% in 4 years under Trump. Now they’re all saying the market will do better than Trump if Biden wins. Somehow the Democrats are going to spend so many more gabillion dollars that the stock market is going to do even better. Hmmm.

The next problem I have is the amount of people now predicting this “blue wave” that’s supposed to sweep the nation, and Biden crushes Trump. Again I have to ask some questions. But first let me state my position so you’re all clear.

I want Trump to win. I want him to win, because on the other side, we’re not up against Biden, we’re up against Harris and  George Soros. When Pelosi started talking about needing panels to gauge a President’s ability to function properly and guide the nation, many thought she was trying to use the 25th amendment to get rid of Trump.

NO! She’s laying the ground work, so that if Joe gets elected, they can yank him any time they want by saying “Doctors have decided that Mr. Bidens mental health has deteriorated to the point where his leadership is in question.”  That’s what Pelosi’s last move is about.

Everyone tends to “know” that Biden can’t pull off the Presidency. He just said last night he’s running for US Senate. He doesn’t know what State he’s in, forgot his wife, tried to name Romney and came up with  “that Mormon guy”, etc.  So if you know he can’t do the job, who does? Kamala. George Soros. AOC. The lunatic out of Michigan. The furthest left whack jobs they can muster.

Which brings up point two. Now everyone’s talking about this “blue wave” and how Bidens going to sweep. What in the hell is that about?  I’ll tell you what that’s about, that’s deception. That’s part of the plan. Consider this:

Law Enforcement Today put out an article, check this:

Where’s the media? 30,000 vehicles show up for Latinos for Trump parade in Miami

MIAMI, FL – This is what support looks like.  Miami police estimated that there were approximately 30,000 vehicles that participated in a vehicle parade, comprised of  Latinos in south Florida,  and showed their support for President Donald J. Trump.  Many of the participants migrated to the US from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

They (the migrants), of all people, know what socialism looks like.  They lived it firsthand.  They felt the impact of communist rule. They understand the lifelong damage that these types of governmental atrocities bring.  For many, it was the reason they left their home countries for a better life in the United States.

Now they find themselves just slightly more than 3 weeks away from a presidential election.  Socialism is on the ballot, in the form of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the “progressive” liberal ideology they want to force down the throats of the American people.

Think about that for a minute. 30K vehicles, and many had 3, 4 even 6 people in it. This is in MIAMI folks, a portion of Florida that has many many democrats.

That’s just one of hundreds across the nation. In Texas over 1000 vehicles went on a loop for Trump, in Ohio and Indiana “thousands” of cars paraded for hours with Trump flags. In dozens of lakes and rivers boat parades, some the “biggest ever held” saw 4000, 5000, even 6000 boats.

Then there’s the police departments and unions. They’ve all gotten behind Trump. Now I’m not a cop, but I know two of them intimately, they’re relatives. You can bet that if the Cop union/department is behind Trump a serious amount of their officers are behind him. But more importantly, so are those officers’ wives, their brothers and sisters, etc. The cop family is usually tight together.

I look at the rallies. Tens of thousands flock to every Trump rally. Biden literally had NO ONE show up in one Arizona meeting. 30 cars showed up for another. 16 people in another.  So how are we getting this big ‘blue wave?” Oh and believe me, Biden people aren’t “silent,” they’re not holding their belief from folks. If a pollster calls a Biden believer their response is “JOE ALL THE WAY!!”

But what happens when a pollster asks a Trump supporter who he or she is voting for? I have a hunch that 70% of the time they say they don’t know, or they say Biden. Why? Because the lunatic left will dox you, come to your door at night and threaten you, call your workplace and harass you.  I firmly believe that MOST Trump supporters won’t even say it’s so. They don’t need the headaches.

This push about Biden doing so well sort of reminds me of election night 2016. Hillary had a 93% chance of winning on ELECTION DAY. Didn’t happen.

So why are they running the same playbook as last time? Why are they saying Biden’s in such a comfortable lead? It’s easy. If the polls have Trump leading, and he wins, the left has NOTHING LEFT TO FIGHT.  The polls said he was ahead and on election night he won. Easy peasy.

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