by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The world is getting ready to head over the Thermodynamic Energy Cliff.  Unfortunately, the world is unprepared for the Energy Cliff’s negative impact because virtually no one understands it or sees it coming.  So, unless we make a drastic change, and quickly, the U.S. and world economies will go down the same path as the Ancient Roman Empire… collapse.

I sat down with Dr. Louis Arnoux from France and discussed the Thermodynamic Oil Collapse & Future in detail.  One of the most important charts discussed in the video, is the one below.  It shows that our current Energy System is only 12% efficient.  Thus, the 88% waste energy generated over the past 200+ years has caused all the problems, pollution, and global warming issues.

If Thermodynamics’ science were properly used 50+ years ago, we wouldn’t be dealing with the Energy Cliff’s critical problems.

The interview is 2 hours, 18 minutes long, but there is a great deal of excellent information.  We plan to do a follow-up interview to focus more on the possible solution, if we have enough time to even attempt it.  Then, I will be doing short interviews with Louis using some examples of the current energy system and technologies that we are using and why they are now OBSOLETE, especially in the face of the coming ENERGY CLIFF.


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