The Corporate KARENS’ Are Out In Force As the Government Tyrants Are Now Successfully Getting Businesses to do Their Unconstitutional Acts Against a Vulnerable Public


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In the business of illegitimate lockdowns, Democrats and pretend Democrats, like Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, have imposed pandemic exceptions to the Constitution. They are unconstitutional and illegal. However, as  our imprisonment is expanding, with no end in sight, the business community is now partaking in the abuse of some members of the community and are doing the job that was previously only reserved for tyrannical government. In America, group think carries the day and the people, especially unhealthy people with serious medical conditions are paying the price for the total disregard for our Constitution.

There are two examples, both in Arizona, that are going to be presented which represents the new threat to individual liberty. Government has been successful in getting business owners to be new class of Brown Shirts in America.

At the Planet Fitness in Kingman, AZ., unhealthy people are forced to wear face masks in order to exercise and this is contraindictated by the Governnor’s own exemptions to the face mask mandate and is contraindicated by OSHA for exercising people regardless of health. Surely a call to the proprietors would bring some common sense to the situation, but our calls to Planet Fitness, or as they call this franchise in Kingman, AZ., PLANET UNFITNESS, have gone unanswered.

As stated, the major point of concern is the face mask policy of the franchise in which they are requiring their customers, who are trying to achieve optimal health,to forcibly engage in a  potentially lethal activity entailing the wearing of CO2 supressing face mask while exercising on aerobic and and anerobic equipment.

Normal CO2 functioning for a human being is 21% with regard to CO2 with regard to OSHA. A group of people went to Kingman’s Planet Fitness  and did a CO@ test while exercising. Here is the OSHA data prior to presenting the results of the test.

The following is from OSHA:

At levels 17 percent or below, your mental abilities become impaired. In a sealed environment, as oxygen levels drop from 21% to 17%, the CO2 level will rise to 4%. This level of CO2 can result in symptoms like dizziness, asphyxiation, confusion, fatigue, vertigo, headaches, tinnitus, and even seizures.


Remember, these numbers of 17% were achieved by a totally fit person in only 2 minutes of excercise

If the exerciser, Bridget Langston, in the following video, who is excercising on a treadmill while wearing a face mask, kept exercising for another 2 minutes, the following would have happened:

Exposure to concentrations from greater than 10 percent to 15 percent carbon dioxide leads to dizziness, drowsiness, severe muscle twitching, and unconsciousness within a minute to several minutes (Wong 1992, CATAMA 1953, Sechzer et al.)

Here us a short video of the co2 test performed in Planet Fitness in Kingman, AZ.


The exerciser,  Bridget Langston, is fit, runs regularily and hikes. Can you imagine the CO2 levels for someone with asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc., would be if they were exercising with a mask on? People with these serious condtions should be exercising regularily under the auspices of a physician. However, these people cannot do so while wearing a face mask.

Most governors in the United States, have a built in medical exemptions to the mask rule in which a person with the aforementioned conditions are exempt from the face mask mandates. However, the businesses, such as Planet Fitness as well as many others, ignore the mandate exceptions and force the people with disabilities to conform to their business dictates without regard to the health and the person’s rights under OSHA, The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Office of Civil Rights.

In short America, we have become a nation so inflicted with group think, that the businesses, such as Planet Fitness, have become the enemy of the people and are taking on the role of a repressive government which is depriving citizens of health, welfare and equal treatment under the law.

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