Soros steers last-minute cash to boost black, Latino turnout in battleground states


from WND:

Has already poured $70 million into election — triple amount spent in 2016

(WASHINGTON FREE BEACON) Liberal billionaire George Soros is pumping last-minute cash into efforts to boost black and Latino turnout in battleground states.

New Federal Election Commission records released Thursday show that Soros’s Democracy PAC gave $500,000 apiece to both the Black PAC and the Somos PAC, which work to mobilize black and Latino voters, respectively. Last month, the financier also funneled millions to electoral efforts in Pennsylvania and Michigan via the Strategic Victory Fund, a super PAC linked to his Democracy Alliance donor network.


The cash adds to the $70 million that Soros has already poured into the 2020 elections, an amount that is triple what he had spent on the 2016 elections, his previous high. It also puts his spending in line with fellow billionaires, such as Michael Bloomberg, who are injecting last-minute cash into Florida and other swing states to boost Democrats in the home stretch of the elections.

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