Sheriffs, Police Officers, Pastors, and Attorneys Are Fighting Covid Orders


by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell:

County sheriffs, police officers, pastors and attorneys fighting Covid19 lockdowns, business closings, mask mandates and unconstitutional gun laws met in Lynchburg, Virginia on September 30 to share their strategies. The constitutional training conference was sponsored by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) founded by former sheriff Richard Mack. US citizens were also invited to attend to learn more about how their elected sheriff is the first line of defense in their county who fight for the constitutional rights of their constituents and what they can do to preserve liberty.

Many remember Mack successfully sued, along with six other sheriffs, the federal government on the grounds that the Brady bill violated the US Constitution and destroyed state sovereignty. As he puts it, “I sued the Clintons and lived to tell about it.”

“I feel this is the most important meeting in America since the constitutional convention,” he said of the conference. “The people are the rightful masters of Congress, legislators and courts. It is our duty to fight those who would pervert it. There are so many traitors in our midst (for instance, the “covid dictator governors”) and we must make them irrelevant.”

What can concerned citizens do? Take action in the countryside of America, county by county, one sheriff at a time. Work with chiefs of police, talk to health departments, and activate the churches.

Sheriff Dar Leaf of Barry County, Michigan cited the words “a well-regulated militia” in the Constitution. “A militia existed before the government did,” he said. “We are the chief law enforcement officers in our county. People look to us. Children are not getting this information.” Referring to the policemen who tased, handcuffed and arrested Alecia Keys in Logan, Ohio for not wearing a mask as she watched her son play school football, “Those guys never read the Constitution.”

“We are the last stand,” said Sheriff Mike Carpinelli of Lewis County, New York. He didn’t go along with Governor Cuomo who signed the New York SAFE (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement) Act, noting New York has the highest gun homicides in the US. When citizens rallied at the state capital, Carpinelli said he was the only sheriff there. The other sheriffs told him, “Look kid, it was nice knowing you.” But he was reelected. When he objected to the “covid edicts passed by the governor” he was warned “I am afraid your philosophy is affecting the men of your agency.” He stood his ground. “I stand with strength, not because of my badge, but because of God and Christ.”

Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpepper, Virginia, in his third term serving a population of 5,200 said, “Sheriffs are one of America’s last hopes.” He could not disagree more with Second Amendment restrictions banning assault weapons. He asked conference participants if they could recall incidents where assault weapons were used in a crime. No hands went up. He asked if anyone could remember one being used in a defensive act and several hands were raised. “The goal is to start with weapons they say are crazy.” Americans have a right to gather and assemble, he said, and covid does not change this, yet law enforcement are charging people in parking lots. “It’s a sad day in America.” He said thousands of citizens in his county have been screened and vetted who have concealed carried permits but he cannot think of one incident where any of them have committed a crime. Yet the state legislature wanted to make them criminals. He said he had the right to swear in a posse and auxiliary deputy. “I am a sheriff thinking day and night what I can do to serve the citizens of my county. Their rights are being treaded upon.” The right to keep and bear arms “is a God given right, a law of nature. Any creature will defend their life. It’s up to us to keep it.” Most sheriffs started as police, he said. “Don’t focus on the day you won’t have a paycheck or title. Think of the principles and honor to serve. We have sheriffs elected by the people who make their own determination and not the mayor who decides what is right for people in a crisis. We take our oath seriously.”

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