President Trump Goes Savage Mode on Savannah Guthrie For Asking Him to Denounce White Supremacy… Again (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden and President Trump held dueling town halls Thursday night.

Joe Biden held a town hall on ABC hosted by Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos while President Trump was being ambushed by Savannah Guthrie.


Savannah Guthrie was hostile and ambushed Trump on Thursday night but it didn’t work.

President Trump crushed it tonight and he went into savage mode after Savannah Guthrie asked Trump to denounce white supremacy….again.

It’s a sickness at this point.

The best part was when Trump dropped a nuke on Guthrie after she kept ignoring Antifa violence and pressed him about Q Anon.

“What you tell me doesn’t necessarily make it fact. I hate to tell ya,” Trump said.


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