Perform An Experiment For Yourself


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

C’mon folks, let’s cut the crap.

Masks don’t work because they can’t work.  Even worse, those who claim they do and have done “studies” have intentionally lied to you.

I’ll prove it using nothing more than what’s in your house right now.

I want you to find something made out of plastic or with a finish (e.g. painted, etc) on it.  You can use your car in the garage if you’d like.  You may need to wax a small part of the vehicle or other surface, so you’ll need a small amount of car wax.

Have a nice, clean surface and, if it’s a painted or “worn” surface, wax it.

Put some water on it.  You will notice the water beads.  This is why you used the wax; you want the surface tension of the water to cause it to break into drops.  These are droplets, just like what you’re claimed to be filtering with your mask — except they’re a lot larger.

Now just let the surface sit undisturbed and observe it every 10 or 20 minutes.

What happens?

The droplets get smaller over time as they evaporate until eventually they are all gone, right?

Where did they go?

They didn’t disappear.  They went, molecule-by-molecule, into the atmosphere.

What happened to all of the dust and other “things” that were suspended in those droplets?  That didn’t disappear either; nearly all of them went into the atmosphere.  A few remain on the surface but without anything to “stick” them there the slightest air current liberates them into the surrounding air.

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