NBC: Moms Kicked Out of Volusia School Board Meeting on masks for Refusing to Wear Masks


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

Police were called to a Volusia County School Board meeting about a mask mandate in schools after a group of moms refused to wear masks at the meeting.

Officials said seven parents were trespassed from the meeting after they refused to put on a mask while inside the meeting room.

The group of mothers said they were at the meeting because of a formal mask policy in schools that was on the agenda.

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The board was preparing to discuss an extension to the mandatory mask policy at Volusia County schools that was put in place in August.


Several board members and school board attorneys spoke with the group at length, trying to convince them to put on masks to participate in the meeting.

Police were called after the discussion led to some shouting.

Once outside, one of the mothers spoke about why she was refusing to wear a mask.


“Masks should never be mandated because our children are not the property of the government. They are not the property of the school board. They are not the property of the district. We own our own children,” said Rachael Cohen.

As one of the women was being escorted out of the meeting she called those inside “sheep” and the group said outside that they believe masks are an experiment that requires consent.

In addition to the mask mandate, the school board is taking up an employee social media policy on Tuesday because officials said there has been some misinformation spread on accounts not associated with schools or the school board.

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