Me? Really???


by Bob Rinear, The International Forecaster:

Okay guys, you’ll all need a stiff drink for this one. I am going to talk about crypto-currency, and as you know I’ve avoided the stuff like the proverbial plague.

First off let me start with something that will seem to fly in the face of what I’m going to say later. I don’t believe in this stuff. I truly believe that bitcoin was designed by the military and the global banking system. A “trial balloon” if you will. A way to introduce digital currency to the world, see how they adapt to it, see what bugs it might have, etc.

Then, once it is perfected, it’s my absolute belief that they will push for a completely digital currency. This isn’t a secret. The IMF has written about going cashless, the Federal Reserve has considered a digital currency, where they simply “deposit” stimulus money right into your digital accounts.  Next up, the European Central bank.  This is what they said just 4 days ago:

Europe must prepare to launch a digital euro ‘if and when’ necessary to complement cash payments, ECB says

Europe must prepare to launch a digital euro to help citizens access money in a fast-changing digital landscape, the European Central Bank said on Friday.

“We should be ready to issue a digital euro if and when developments around us make it necessary,” said Fabio Panetta, an executive board member at the bank.

A digital euro would help in scenarios where people stop using cash significantly, if other forms of electronic payment are unavailable, or if foreign digital money took over, the bank said.

Make no mistake folks. Digital currency is their wet dream. It is the absolute finest form of human control ever devised. When all other currency is declared illegal and only digital dollars are accepted, it all has to be recorded. Every penny you spend, will be on a ledger somewhere. They’ll know what you bought and how much. Where you were, when you were. If you give your kids some spending money, they’ll know exactly how much, and they’ll know what they spend it on.

For tax purposes, it’s akin to the Holy Grail for them. They no longer have to wait on taxes to be paid, they can just reach into your account and take what they deem necessary. Now, they say of course it’s for our own good, because “money” is dirty, might have covid and disease on it, and this will be faster, cleaner, easier, etc. They say it will stop drug trafficking and sex trafficking because they can shut down the user’s accounts.

Well guess what? With the flick of a switch, they can shut down your account too. What’s that, you don’t agree with the Government’s agenda? Click. Now you have no money. Oh you didn’t get your satanic Covid shot with biomarkers? Click. No money. Oh you didn’t score well on our new social credit system? Your digital money won’t work on airlines, trains, busses, etc.  Again, it gives the globalists the ultimate in control.

The black market will thrive. Let’s get ugly here folks. The husband that’s been seeing hookers once a month to get his jollies, isn’t going to give up hookers when money is abolished and this traceable digital currency shows up. But he can’t let his wife catch him, which she couldn’t/didn’t when he was paying his 200 bucks in cash. So what’s he going to do? He’s going to use maybe gold, maybe silver. Some form of barter.  He might have to fix her car in return for her favors. But make no mistake, digital currency will not stop drugs, sex or much anything else.

My position has always been that we’re going to have a two-tiered money system. I think they will go with something like “you can use cash for any transactions under 100 or 200 dollars, but must be digital for anything above.” I think that would bait the people into it, as they could still pay the lawn guy, or the girl next door to babysit for you in cash. I really don’t know that they need to control you to the penny.

Okay, so by now you all get it…I don’t want any part of what’s coming, but unfortunately it won’t be stopped. It’s coming. So, is there any way around it? I think gold and silver will be hot in the localized and black markets. But what about other crypto currencies?

There’s a ton of crypto currencies out there and even avowed crypto enthusiasts will tell you that a lot of them are garbage. Bitcoin is the old man, the big guy, but it has a lot of flaws, and it’s become very expensive just to transfer payments. Some early adopters are saying its days are numbered. I don’t know, I never got involved in it.

There’s a new crypto that’s been in development for a couple years now. It is very under the radar, and from what I’ve seen, the developers want it that way. According to their white paper, and their promotional literature, this thing is supposed to be all that bitcoin was supposed to be, but wasn’t/isn’t.

I can hear about 5K of you screaming “Bob, are you going to recommend a crypto currency???!!!! Really? You??!!  Is that even possible??”

Yes I am. But probably for all the wrong reasons. First let me say that I’ve been talking to someone who’s quite knowledgeable about crypto in general and this new one in particular.

He’s a bright guy, and while he’s owned many different crypto’s in the past, he believes that his one is the one to have. It’s going to be the real deal.

Now you can get into all the how’s and why’s if you’d like. Instead of being mined, there’s not to be any mining. Since there’s no mining, there’s no insane amount of energy consumed to create them.  Here’s a few things from the website itself:




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