Lockdown? CRACKDOWN! We Shall Not Speak Of That Which We See All Around Us…


from Silver Doctors:

Forget about an “October Surprise” or “Post-Election Chaos”. Pretty soon, we’ll be slitting each other’s throats over the last remaining life vests…




The sad part is, the life vests are of no use when our bodies can’t tolerate the frigid water.

It’s simple.

It really is.

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A couple thousand years ago, give or take a decade or two, there was only one thing on the entire planet that could be used in the set-up for the takedown of who many people call Lord & Savior.

Today, the same is true, only now, it’s so Good can take down Evil.

Indeed, there is only one thing on the entire planet that will work.

Why can’t the People see it?

Why do they refuse to see it?

The corrupt, evil to the core system that everybody’s just cool with has become exceptionally brutal this week.

Exponentially brutal, I might add.

It is disgusting and a dang shame.

And to think, for a while there, I thought we we’re kind of flying under the radar, especially since we’ve avoided certain topics over the last few weeks.

That’s what I get for thinking!


It is getting rather ridiculous.

On second thought, that’s not the right word.

There really are no words for it other than to say it’s getting downright wicked out there.

Now, I know what the Red Hats are thinking, but they’re wrong.

Remember: Most all people are sheeple, and they’re oblivious.

There is no hope in the Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing.

At best, anything done for the benefit of the United States is purely an unavoidable, unintended consequence.

All of the “woke” people got duped into thinking he was fighting for the little guy.


The joke’s on you, Joe Deplorable!

And thanks for continuing to be a good sport by sitting back and waiting for all of the glory to just fall into your lap!

Spoiler Alert: It’s not going to happen.

It doesn’t work like that.

And there is surely no hope in the Deep State Globalists, unless, of course, one can find hope in the fact that they’ll turbo-charge the sinking of the US Titanic, and at this point, I’m kind of ready for the rebuilding anyway.

And no, I’m not saying who to vote for because I really don’t think it matters.

Evil is evil is evil is evil.

So just to be clear here: I’m not saying “vote for Trump”, much less am I saying “vote for Biden”.

For I have ZERO confidence or trust in our rigged political system, and in my opinion, the People’s vote doesn’t even count.

And I do mean that quite literally, as in, the votes are literally not counted!

Of course, when most of the Sheeple still think that we went to the moon, it really should come as no surprise that the Sheeple think any and all modern elections of real importance in the United States are legitimate.

They are not legitimate.

They’re freakin’ rigged!

Now, I’ve already said it a gazillion times, but I guess I’ll say it once more: There is no “plan”.

There is only the continued destruction of the United States and the United States Constitution.

You want Hope?

Want Change?

Want Honesty?

Want Freedom?

Want Liberty?


Then there’s only one thing that can be done, which is the only thing that could have ever been done: STARVE THE BEAST.

If there ever was to be a chance, then it must be done right now.




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