John Durham Appears To Have Senate Intelligence Committee Targeted


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

A posting by Sundance at Conservative Treehouse in addition to tweets by the Grayzone’s Aaron Mate appear to indicate that John Durham is investigating the Senate Intelligence Committee, a critical hub of the seditious coup against Donald Trump. Sundance’s post today is a full grade nuclear explosion if it proves out. Mark Warner, the lead Democrat on the Committee, and Daniel Jones, its former counsel, have been a tag team in a public private operation framing the completely fake narrative about Trump/Russia collusion.

According to the post at Conservative Treehose, at the center of the current investigation is the bogus claim that the Russian Alfa Bank had a direct computer feed into servers at Trump Tower and Donald Trump, a Russiagate fabrication pushed by MI6’s Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, their media contacts and lawyers. The people involved in this are being pursued on two fronts, a civil suit by Alfa Bank’s owners and, as confirmed by Sundance and according to an attempted cover story in the New Yorker, a grand jury hearing evidence under Durham.

According to Sundance, one of the main subjects in Durham’s investigation is Daniel Jones, the former counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee under Senator Dianne Feinstein, who left in December of 2016 to form two fronts, the Penn Quarter Group and the Democracy Integrity Project, both aimed at throwing Donald Trump out of the Presidency.

Jones was funded by Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros to promote the fake Trump/Russia collusion story, receiving over $50 million for this project. According to Sundance, Jones took over funding for Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson and kept paying MI6 spy Christopher Steele. He was, “essentially the bagman” for continued Trump Russia operations outside the government.

Here, however, is the key part of the story according to Sundance:

“Let me say up front that is where this story connects to the scandal of intelligence community ‘contractor’ access to the NSA database.

“The SIGINT or signals intelligence, used to frame the false Alfa Bank story, appears to have come from entities with access to the NSA database who were doing work to assist the overall Trump-Russia narrative construction. Those unlawfully obtained findings were manipulated and unlawfully extracted; then passed along to computer scientists who had the role to provide technical support for the media to use in selling a false story.

“If this sounds to you like the subject matter expertise and skill of CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS [Fusion GPS] you would not be missing the target….”

Sundance then expresses his opinion about this: “It seems obvious that Fusion GPS used Nellie Ohr to send information to Chris Steele who then assembled the oppo-research into his dossier. Steele then acts as a laundry for the Fusion intel and transmits it to the FBI for use. The FBI used the Steele dossier to get the FISA useful for surveillance against the Trump campaign and administration. All of that is transparently obvious now.

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