‘I Am White, Therefore a Racist’ Declares Liberal Professor, in Latest Proof U.S. Academics Are Fueling Racial Tensions


by Robert Bridge, Strategic Culture:

In the latest sign that the mind of U.S. academia has been hijacked by the left, a professor from the University of California-Santa Barbara described herself “a white American” who is, therefore “by definition racist.”

In a webinar lecture entitled, “Undoing White Supremacy in the Language Disciplines,” Mary Bucholtz, Professor and Chair of the Department of Linguistics at the University of California-Santa Barbara, broke the news to America’s majority white population that white supremacy “is a system that White people have built in order to oppress everyone else.”

“As a White American, I am by definition racist,” Bucholtz says at the opening of her talk, as reported by Campus Reform. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know there is this sort of rhetoric of White people in the United States rejecting the label of racism but I think we need to acknowledge that, and do better.”

In keeping with the infectious spirit of the times, the professor went on to characterize ‘white supremacy’ in the United States as a “pandemic or… a disease,” yet minutes later in the discussion she contradicted herself, saying “white supremacy is not a disease, it is a choice … a system that White people have built in order to oppress everyone else.”

As par for course when discussing the scourge of “systemic racism” that is allegedly strangling the life out of America, little by way of evidence is required to support the claim. When Bucholtz speaks of white supremacy in the United States as a “pandemic,” she says that she is “not speaking metaphorically,” yet where exactly is the proof? Bucholtz points to “life and death issues, like Covid-19 and the appalling and ongoing acts of police violence and murder” to support this very serious assertion.

With regards to the outbreak of coronavirus across the United States, it is very difficult to look at the death statistics and make the connection that coronavirus is somehow a construct of white supremacy. In every state except Mississippi, the white population has been disproportionately affected by the virus. In California, for example, out of 14, 615 deaths, 29 percent were attributed to whites, 8 percent to the black community, and 47 percent to the Latino; in New York, out of 28,669 deaths, the figures were 31, 22 and 24, respectively.

With regards to the mentioning of “police violence and murder,” this is undoubtedly a source of major concern for the black community, as the recent killing of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis by a white cop attested to. Yet much like Covid, the white population is also suffering death and injury from the excessive use of police force. As of September of this year, out of 721 fatal shootings of civilians by the police, 287 were from the white community, whereas 142 were representative of the black. Even when considering the per capita difference between the black and white populations, it would seem that the total amount of police shootings suggests that something more than “systemic racism” is at play. Why do these liberal professors never discuss the possibility that police violence is symptomatic of poor training and overworked forces?

Meanwhile, if it were indeed true that America was a hotbed of violent and racist xenophobes, as Black Lives Matter would have us believe, one would expect to see evidence of that behavior on the streets as well as in the statistics. But it’s not there. In fact, Black-on-Black violence is the real existential threat for Black Americans. According to the FBI’s latest statistics on the subject, 90.1 percent of black victims of homicide were killed by other blacks (incidentally, 83.5 percent of whites were killed by other whites).

These latest unsubstantiated remarks by a member of academia shows that the college campus, imbued with social justice radicalism, has become the hothouse of wild and extremist ideas, which do not correspond to a place called reality, but rather brought to life – much like unicorns, elves, Sasquatch and other such chimeras – in the fertile imagination of liberal professors.

In closing, Professor Bucholtz’s deeply flawed characterization of American society is an extremely dangerous trend that has infiltrated all levels of academia to such a degree that even the unequivocal statement ‘2 + 2 = 4’ “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy,” to quote Brooklyn College math teacher, Laurie Rubel.

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