Google Whistleblower & Conservative Influencers File Lawsuit To Punch Google & Restore Free Speech


by Maryam Henein, Activist Post:

The unprecedented censorship we are facing is the biggest threat to democracy in our history. Imagine waking up to find that, without any notice, you have been deplatformed and deleted off YouTube; years of your work — poof — gone in an instant. When someone violates someone’s right to speak, they violate your right to listen. This type of digital assassination is enough to make you want to punch Google in the kisser.

Censorship In An Age Of Technofascism

On October 26th, 15 YouTube content creators filed an emergency injunction against Google-owned YouTube. The federal lawsuit, which is being led by Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies and filed by Cris Armenta and Credence Sol of ARMENTA & SOL, is seeking a temporary restraining order to restore the Plaintiffs’ accounts. Vorhies was a software engineer for Google/YouTube for eight and a half years, and both Ms. Armenta and Ms. Sol have experience litigating against Google.

The suit alleges 17 claims for relief, and accuses Google of breaching the Terms of Service (TOS) and violating their First Amendment rights. The courts have now assigned Judge Beth Freeman, an Obama appointee and Berkeley undergrad, to the case.

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The hearing of We The People vs Google has been set for Monday morning, November 2nd, at 9 AM PST, 11 AM CDT, and it’s open to the public to listen in, but recording it is a violation of federal law. Plaintiffs invite the public to listen in.

“YouTube’s massive de-platforming, which occurred on October 15th, just three weeks before the 2020 Presidential election, worked to the severe detriment of both conservative content creators and American voters who seek out their content,” states the complaint. “YouTube took this draconian action so swiftly that the Plaintiffs… received no advance notice and were not able to download their own content.”

Plaintiffs include JustInformed Talk, SGT Report, X22 Report, SpaceShot 76, RedPill78, Edge of Wonder, Praying Medic, Amazing Polly, Woke Societies, Daniel Lee, Deception Byes, InTheMatrixxx, Destroying the Illusion, Sarah Westall, and TruReporting.

The mainstream media, such as compromised outlet Media Matters, which is backed by George Soros, basically put out red herrings in the form of articles painting anyone who speaks about QAnon as violent or conspiratorial.

For instance, Media Matters wrote that YouTube “is regularly used by followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory as a platform to radicalize new members and widely share misinformation.”

These smear pieces then legitimize YouTube to then scrub people off,under the false flag of “safety.”

The Plaintiffs allege that YouTube removed their channels without giving them notice or without cause under the Terms of Service that YouTube itself drafted and imposed on the Plaintiffs. YouTube, they affirm, also violated the First Amendment rights of the Plaintiffs, and the public they serve through their social commentary, news, and information channels.

“My channel was deleted, much to my surprise,” recalls influencer, Amazing Polly, who started her channel in March 2016 out of Canada. She had 377,000 subscribers and more than 28 million views.

I found out about it when someone I don’t know made a post on Twitter saying something to the effect of ‘Oh no! YouTube deleted Amazing Polly, IPOT, SGT and more of my favorites!! I am so angry!’ When I tried to open my YouTube page, all that showed there was a notice that my channel was gone because, it said, I had committed severe and repeated violations! This is a lie and a smear against my character to which I object but there is no way for me to correct the record. YouTube’s condemnation, written in white letters across a big red bar, now replaces the years worth of work that my viewers used to see when they clicked on my channel name.

Google, a big tech company that arguably has more power in the world than any other, has not only endangered free speech but also ruined organic searches with their auto-suggestions (a mind control tactic) as well as the livelihood of many businesses. They have also arguably compromised the integrity of the elections.

Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior-Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and former editor in chief of Psychology Today, discovered as early as 2012 through years of research that Google poses three main threats to humanity. These are an obscene level of surveillance across more than 200 platforms; the power to determine what content over two billion people can or cannot see; and its systematic and invisible manipulation of information on a massive scale. He identified at least nine different blacklists and wrote about it in a piece for US News and World Report titled “The New Censorship.”

Now they are guilty of what is being dubbed The Purge, when they vaporized a la 1984 a handful of YouTube channels on October 15th.

These are some of the channels deleted as featured on AltCensored:

“I want back what we worked so hard for,” says Plaintiff Thomas of TruReporting. “Years of sacrifice and effort to bring forth truth, all to be stripped from us because those who have done wrong, are afraid of the exposure of being found out,” adds Thomas who had 216K subscribers and 24 million views. He created his channel on January 1st, 2018.

We Are The News Now

It was back on October 9, 2006 that Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. Since then, YouTube has become very important to “understanding things happening around the world,” according to a report by Brandwatch, that states that six out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV.

Together, the Plaintiffs’ news and social commentary channels reached more than 800 million views and more YouTube subscribers than many legacy news channels, such as C‐SPAN, The New York Times, and NBC News.

Interestingly, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington, D.C., many Americans get their news from independent YouTube channels along the same metrics as legacy or traditional news sources. They conclude that legacy and independent media are thriving side-by-side, and established news organizations no longer have full control over the news Americans watch. Most YouTube news consumers view both legacy and independent news videos on the platform.

This is arguably why the Ministry of Truth and the Thought Police have cracked down on any channels that challenge the public narrative, wrongly positioning these voices as “conspiracy theories” in order to discredit them.

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